Introduction to My Prostate Cancer Survivor Fight


It is NOT a hopeless battle; Cancer is a bump in the road along the WAY called LIFE!

I'm still here!  Traveling my Path and Learning to Live, Love and Nurture!

Feeling great and getting healthier!

It's ALL About Lifestyle!

See my most current status update here!


Seven Year Nutritional Cancer Survivor

Does That Mean I'm Cured?


Maybe that's Why I've Been Banned from Cancer Support Groups?



You CAN feed a sick person well with Plant Based Lifestyle!


Gut Bacteria and How it Boosts Your Immune System


Learn How Not to DIE!


Alternative Cancer Cures Exist and Have Been Suppressed

Kimberly Carter Gamble


Gut Bacteria and How it Boosts Your Immune System




Nancy and I are now Shaklee Distributors.  We have long been Shaklee customers and both of us (separately) used to be distributors; but that was over 30 years ago.  We decided to become distributors for a couple of reasons. One is to save money on product purchases and the second is that Shaklee fits nicely into our holistic health & wellness approach.  I hope you will consider becoming a customer or even a partner with us in our Shaklee venture! Our Shaklee 4 Healthy Living site will also link to our Shaklee product home page!


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