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Gut Bacteria During/After Chemo/Radiation


I followed a strict Whole Food Plant Based Diet and avoided all GMO.  Many folks I work with are doing Chemo/Radiation and other 'treatments' and also doing the a Whole Food Plant Based diet.  After treatments are done, suspended or just stopped, it is essential to rebuild your body/mind/spirit from the devastation caused by conventional treatments.  Now is the time to focus on rebuilding YOU.


Chemo Damage:


  • A build-up of cellular waste in remaining tissue, due to the extreme toxicity of chemotherapy drugs. These powerful drugs kill healthy cells right along with the cancerous ones, leaving a residue that needs to be removed from the body.


  • Chemo depletes many important nutrient levels, often causing digestive problems as the drugs destroy much of the good flora in the gastrointestinal tract in addition to the lining of the tract itself.


  • “Chemo brain” is a catch-all term for the common memory glitches, lack of focus, mild cognitive impairment and fatigue that follow cancer treatment.


  • Peripheral neuropathy, which causes tingling, burning and numbness in the feet and sometimes hands.


While your blood work may improve and even be 'normal' once again (and that's great) your doctor has no clue about your immune system and its devastating attack it has undergone with your 'treatments'. Your healthy gut bacteria have been devastated. It takes some work to rebuild, but the good news the cure is delicious.


You should be on a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle/Diet.  You must stick to it but with some variations.  You can probably reduce some of the supplements, not do the enemas and focus more on body building foods like more beans/lentils/legumes, starches to regain the weight you may have lost and a LOT of complex carbs.  Switch from juicing to smoothies; you can use the same stuff, just you don’t need as much.  Smoothies will fill you up with delicious fiber rich foods that are ESSENTIAL to good gut health; not to mention cleansing your toxins built up during your ‘treatments’.


WATER: drink LOTS and lots of pure clean water.  Get a couple of glass or BPA/Chemical free resuable bottles and keep one by your side at ALL times. Sip regularly, refil as needed.  This will help you constantly flush toxins from your body and keep you hydrated.


Focus on some fermented foods, like sauerkraut, kimchee, pickled vegetables (love pickled beets).  They have excellent bacteria that will help restore your gut.  Eat LOTS of cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, etc.), all great for your immune system.  Tomatoes, lots of cooked tomatoes; massive doses of lycopene since water melon is sort of out of season.  Both BJ’s and Costco have organic varieties by the case.  Make your own tomato sauces, eliminating the preservatives; really easy, just add some Italian seasoning…


Eat lots of clean complex carbs.  Sweet Potatos are wonderful and ultra-high in anti-oxidants; besides the are delicious.  You can never eat too many GREENS. Eat them in salads, add to soups and stews as well as include in your smoothies.  Just eat the Rainbow of fresh (frozen is great if out of season or not availabe in your area) vegetables and fruits.  Eat nuts and seeds as needed but they are high in oil/fats and you don't want to gain too much weight.


Your vitamin reserves, especially B12 have probably been depleted. You need to focus on rebuilding that. (We go to an acupuncturist for Methylcobalamin B12 shots for $10).  See:  If you haven’t been outside much, your D3 will be low to none. Get outside and take a good organic D supplement.  I would also suggest (in addition) to try some Adam Vitamins from NOW Pharmaceuticals; designed for men!  I take them daily.  You should be geeing the majority of your nutrients from your Whole Foods but this is a good insurance policy!  See more about suggested suppliments to fight and recover from cancer: Suppliments.


Should you want some more suggestions let me know.