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Our Path Led Us Here

So, now we find ourselves pursuing a full blown Plant Based Lifestyle and vegan diet. There are so many definitions of just what a Plant-Based really is.  I say to hell with definitions, it is the dietary lifestyle that is important.  As you study and research, you will find conflicting opinions.  EVERYONE has an opinion and will try to tell you what to do, how to do it and why you should do it.


Screw it!  Find your own path Grasshopper! 


You will go nuts if you try to follow all the advice; you have to pick a route or combination (like we have) that suites YOU.  Something YOU can live with.  Yes LIVE with for a very long time; like in the REST OF YOUR LIFE!  This is a Lifestyle Choice.  A GOOD ONE too!


I just wish we had discovered the facts sooner.  The fact is that current medical 'science' just doesn't know everything; not even close!  If fact is that they seem to actually ignore, run away from and generally actively attempt to discredit any healing approach that is not strictly taught in medical school.  I have seen and heard it from my own doctors!


Keep in mind that medical doctors (MD's) usually have one maybe two classes on healing and nutrition in all of their 8 or so years of medical training (that's after 16 years of regular school and college!).  Ask your own doctor what diet and lifestyle plays in your overall health.  They will say that 'diet' and exercise is a good thing.  Eat less fat, lower your cholesterol,and get regular exercise.  What the hell is the 'diet' they mention?  Few have a clue and if you look at them and their staff (weight overall health etc.) you may find they don't appear all that healthy themselves.


Most doctors target the symptom, not the disease!  One pill, one disease is the accepted approach.  Lots of pills, lots of diseases.  Wonder why they seem to want to treat the diseases by prescribing a medication that you have to take THE REST of YOUR LIFE?  The money is in the continuing Treatment, Not the CURE. Isn't that a lifestyle change?  An expensive one to boot!


People choose radical invasive procedures, toxic drung and radiation; ALL of which are often worse than the disease they purport to 'treat'.  Many are scared into these 'treatments' by doctors who, may have good intentions (they often don't know any better) but they aslo make million$ on the ongoing therapies/treatmenst that seldom produce true CURE.


What if you change your diet and don't need any more pills?  Treat your 'disease' of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, clogged arteries, and CANCER with a lifestyle change in diet!   Charlotte Gerson says that "you can't cure just one disease in the body; you must cure them all" or words to that effect.  That makes sense!  If you have a healthy 'healing system' (not just the immune system), your own body will see to the 'cure' if you provide the proper nutrients and foods necessary.


There is just so much information that confirms this simple yet powerful approach.  So many people who have been sent home to die by 'modern medicine' have been 'cured' or close to it; living long healthy lives by simply  implementing the lifestyle and dietary changes suggested by a more holistic approach.  One that addresses the whole body and its need for sustenance.


Yes we can survive with animal protein, but we can THRIVE with none!


One of the main problems with animal protein and derived products (besides fat, cholesterol, etc.) is that so much of the 'meat', dairy and other products found in grocery stores is so heavily processed.  It is laced with drugs, genetically modified feed so that the animal becomes virtually a genetically modified animal (some actually are these days and getting to be more so!).  These factory raised animals are fed high concentrations of GMO grains and other feeds that create a huge omega three to six imbalance in the end product that is is almost worse (maybe it IS worse) than the cholesterol contained in the product.  The same goes for the related products like cheese, yogurt and MILK.  It is all heavily contanimated by drugs, GMO feed and possibly tainted with other chemicals and imbalances caused by the unatural ways the animals are raised, fed and handled.  Do your own research!


Where we are:

You probably are wondering, so what?  What are they eating?  Does it taste like crap?  Are they skinny and anemic?


The answer is suprisingly that we feel great!  We lost fat/pounds at about 2 pounds/week sfter beginning this and our weight is stable.  I lost my 'bloated look' according to my yoga classmates and my wife! We feel fantastic and are more active than ever before!


We will often make a smoothie drink combining carrots, bananna, other fruit and a scoop of LivFit (available at Costo and Wallmart).  This provides loads of vitamins and protein and provides a nutritious start for the day.  In the afternoon, we often will concoct a fruit smoothie.  We purchase lots of fruit, cut it up and freeze it; then just grab several handfuls of frozen fruit (blueberries, bananas, grapes, mellon, etc.), toss it into the VitaMix and voila, a delicious smoothie!


We walk most days, a moderate to quick pace, just around the neighborhood (two miles or more on most mornings).  We take long hiking trips around in Florida and across the USA.  See our Plant Based Road Tripping site.


My wife is a genius with the food preparation.  Yes, we did spend a lot on cookbooks and texts, but it has been worth it.  She has found and prepared (with her own 'adjustments') a wide variety of mostly organic meals and GMO free foods.  Nancy graduated from Cornell with a certificate in Plant Based Nutrition and is now an accomplished Plant Based Chef!


There are loads of great recipes on the Net and Nancy has some 20,000+ on her Pinterest Site.  Being a vegetarian/vegan/raw foodist is not relegating yourself to eating cardboard or tasteless food.  I couldn't do that!  It has been an experience and journey into the most delicious, yet nutritious, meals that you can ever imagine!

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