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Prostate Cancer Fight

November is Prostate Cancer and men's health month.  I have added the 'stache' to my logo to emphasize the Movember movement.  The Movember Foundation is a global charity committed to men living happier, healthier, longer lives. Since 2003, millions have joined the men’s health movement, raising $650 million and funding over 1,000 programs focusing on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health and physical inactivity.

Unfortunately, like many/most cancer fighting schemes and programs, it falls way short of addressing the REAL problem with men's health!  It ignores the MOST critical aspect of Men's health and that is NUTRITION.  Avoiding this foundation issue is one of the key factors that this and other programs/foundations FAIL miserably.  About the only thing they do get right is the physical inactivity issue and that IS a key factor in anyone's overall health!

Nutrition is the single Biggest factor in a person's health, be they men, women or children. Yet is is mostly ignored in all these funds, drives and big-money programs.  WHY?  Maybe because treating people to death is a massive money making proposition?  Cancer, is BIG business and it has an entire industry built around it. 

Prostate cancer is something that almost every man will face at some point in their lives.  Some sooner rather than later.  The related cancers of testicular cancer and metastasized bone cancers, bladder cancer and others are huge concerns as they often will spread from the initial prostate cancer.

It is terrific to promote awareness of prostate and other cancers but it is close to criminal to avoid one of the best ways to combat and AVOID prostate cancer in the first place. That is proper awareness of Nutrition and the role it plays in combating cancer and other disease with Your natural immune system.

By focusing on Prevention with healthy eating and lifestyle habits formed early on, many/most will avoid the issue altogether!  But, when faced with a diagnosis of prostate cancer there ARE ways to control and often reverse it's progress with lifestyle change.  Hell, it worked for ME; why not others?

I've presented, on this site, my story of how I chose to combat my prostate cancer and how it gave me develop a New and Healthier lifestyle.  I am able to enjoy my Life and Family and plan to Live LONG into the future.

If you have been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, it is NOT the end; it is only the Beginning if you CHOOSE to make it so!  Start your fight with research and information. Do NOT let yourself be rushed into surgery or other barbaric and money making (for the doctor, hospital and pharmaceutical industries) treatments.  There ARE alternatives and there are PLENTY of US prostate cancer survivors you should talk to!

Take action and Take CONTROL of your life.  Don't let the medical industrial complex coerce you into a treatment regime that is bound to fail. Take CONTROL of YOUR life and fight back with the only treatment that actually works: Lifestyle Change and a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle.  Works for me and it can work or at least help You, no matter what you decide to do.