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Primary Physician - February 2010


I have always had annual physicals; well I have tried to do it every year.  2010 was no different.  I had just recently changed doctors as we had moved back to Orlando from nearby Saint Cloud (another story).  This was my first 'lady' doctor!


All the usual tests were run, blood work with PSA and other stuff.  My cholesterol has always been in great shape and no other indications of heart or circulatory problems were evident.  I have had some issues with early arthritis or pain in my hands, but my family had a history, so there you go.


During the interview, I told the doctor that my dear Father had passed away due to complications in treating his prostate cancer.  The chemo and other chemical/drugs had robbed him of the last few years.  It is this that really killed him, not the prostate cancer.


In any case, my PSA level had jumped a bit from 2.4 (2008) to 4.8 (2010).  She had me do the 'bend over' and checked my prostate and indicated that she thought it was 'slightly enlarged'.  This and the jump in the PSA scores made her suggest I consult with a urologist and have further examinations.  I didn't think too much about it and agreed to visit with one of here local recommendations.


Urologist - Biopsy - May 2010


Upon visiting with the urologist, who also examined my prostate, he said that due to my family history (Dad having prostate cancer) he suggested we do a biopsy.  I agreed and started to pray that this would turn out to be nothing, but better 'safe' than sorry!


A short time later (in his office) they did a prostate biopsy.  Now this is no walk in the park as you are fully conscious while they ram this 'instrument' up your rear and fire off needles into your prostate.  The needles aren't as bad as the nurse navigating the probe; that was painful.  They took 8 needle shots.  I was walking a bit funny but thankfully my lovely wife was there to drive me home.


Getting home was OK.  They said that I would see blood in the stool and ejaculate and possibly urine for several weeks; but this was 'normal'.  Since I could take no aspirin (blood clotting), my wife ran up to the store for some ibuprofen.  I had an urge to go and sat on the toilet and man, yes it was bloody!  For some reason, sitting on the toilette, I just passed out; falling into the adjacent fiberglass shower (softer landing I guess).  Luckily, I had evacuated my bowls before I passed out, so was able to get up, clean up and head to bed.


Of course my wife was upset over what happened but I said I was fine and went to sleep for several hours.

The following days, I did experience additional blood in the stool, but nothing in the urine flow.  The main discomfort lasted a few days.


Urologist - Cancer Diagnosis - May 2010


After a few weeks, I had not heard back from the urologist.  I took that as good news thinking that if they had found something, they surely would have called.  So I called for an appointment; thinking I would get an 'all clear'.

Several days later (took a couple weeks to get an appointment), I visited with the urologist.  He apologized that his nurse hadn't made the follow-up appointment immediately after the biopsy.  In any case, he delivered the bad news.


I had prostate cancer!


He then proceeded to bring out these handy little charts full of numbers and went through them saying how my Gleason score was worrisome but that I had time to decide on how to proceed.  Since the cancer was relatively small and contained, he indicated that I should make a treatment decision within the next few months. That gave me some time to think.


When I got home and told my wife, she was naturally devastated and was worried that she had not been there.  Well, since the doctor had failed to call me, I said that I hadn't thought it was necessary.


The urologist gave me a name of a radiology oncologist to consult.  In the meantime he had suggested we do our 'research' before making a decision.  Naturally he favored the 'robotic' surgery approach, but said he would abide by whatever decision we made.


A follow-up CT scan indicated that the cancer was contained in the prostate, was small in size and had not infiltrated other tissues.


Treatment Options - Overview only


The urologist discussed several options I could think about.  One was a 'watch and wait, which was appealing, but since my Gleason score was an 8 (aggressive strain), that I shouldn't wait too long.  Surgery (he was a surgeon) was the suggested approach as I was reasonably healthy (except for my weight of 235lbs).  Radiation was an option that will be discussed a bit later with input from the radiological oncologist.


Other options were laser beam and chemical castration drugs which the urologist didn't favor.




We met with the radiation oncologist, who was very nice and informative.  He fairly presented the treatment modality and a few variations that included chemical, chemo and other ancillary treatments that could work in conjunction with traditional radiation therapies.  The insertion of 'radioactive pellets' and 'targeting pellets' was discussed and how a daily radiation treatment would be necessary for some 30 days.  It was inpatient at the local office for only 30 minutes but required daily visits.  Some general side effects were pretty scary and included incontinence, bowel damage (colostomy bag) and other not so pleasant side effects.  I asked about the radiation causing new cancer, but he indicated that no studies had confirmed this; not re-assuring.




New arthroscopic surgery techniques had provided advancements in prostate cancer treatment.  It is done with several instrument insertions in/around the navel and the prostate is removed.  The urethra has to be cut and re-joined and may sometimes cause incontinence for the remainder of your life or at least 6 months.  They weren't able to give much more information other than to say the it did happen.


The biggest downside discussed was that I could DIE on the table, due to a fat embolism or other complications.  He also indicated that if there were problems with the robotic instruments they might have to cut you open a bit to do it the old fashioned way.  The urologist said this had only happened once recently.


Other Treatments


When meeting with the radiological oncologist and the urologist, they both cautioned on 'other' approaches as being risky and unproven, but did indicate that we should continue with our research on our own. Fair statements, but not overly helpful or encouraging.


The subsequent sections will document much of what we were able to research and our approach to treatment. This is a continuing saga as of late December 2010. Frankly, after great success with a Vegan diet, moderate exercise, yoga and alternative supplemental therapies, I am feeling terrific.


  January 2012 Update


I can tell you that right now (January 2012), after exploring a varsity of 'Alternative Medical' approaches that seems to have very successful results with NO side effects (other than significant lifestyle changes) I am continuing with a Vegan diet and moderate exercise. I will detail this approach in the next sections.


I am continuing with blood panels every three months or so.  I used an independent laboratory (cheaper, quicker and no office visits!) on occasion if I want to select tests that my doctor doesn't order. My primary physician had not done much so I returned to a local practitioner I had seen before our short lived relocation outside of Orlando. I had gone to see a local Naturopathic Doctor, but at close to $500/visit, it is just not feasible. We are doing this on our own. My primary physician cannot condone this approach due to possible censure from the medical boards, but she is helping with diagnostic blood work, monitoring and analysis and stands by for other illness for which I really don't think I will need her assistance.


Thanks to my lovely wife, we have both embarked on a Vegan/Raw Food regime. This basically means we eat no meat or fish, no milk products and limited ORGANIC Soy products (our choice). Since a Raw Food regime does not use cooked foods of any kind, we don't quite do it strictly. We eat beans and brown rice and hot soups, but try to make 45% or our daily food intake RAW and everything 100% organic whenever possible. It's not as bad as you are thinking <smile>.


  November 2012 Update


Well, it has been a while since my last update.  Sorry about that but, hell, I don't think of cancer much these days!  I focus more on health and feeling wonderful and am thankful every day for the blessings I have received and for the wondrous things that Nancy, my lovely, talented and most beautiful wife, has been able to accomplish with healthy and delicious nutritional vegan meals!


Well, it has been almost three years since I last saw the urologist who first diagnosed my prostate cancer.  I thought it was time to pay a courtesy visit to let him know I was still around!  When he saw me, of course he didn't recognize me, but after reviewing his notes started commenting about my Gleason Score of 8 and wondered that I had done 'nothing' but 'watch and wait'!  Well I hadn't exactly done nothing, I had totally revised my lifestyle and nutritional foundation, but he didn't seem to be interested in that.


The first thing he wanted to do was another biopsy!  I asked why on earth would he want to do that and he commented that this was 'standard treatment procedures for an annual biopsy!  Can you believe that?  I mean a needle biopsy is literally 'hit and miss' in any case so why in hell would they do that more than once?  Anyway I said absolutely not so he suggested an MRI.  I said cool as I had never had one and said I was willing to do any non-invasive test he would like to do.  So we scheduled one and I had it done yesterday (11/16/2012).  I'll update this next week after I get the results. 


He did the old 'finger' exam and seemed surprised to find no nodule/tumor or anything but a normal prostate.  He poked around a lot too!  I'll let you know what the results were next week.....


  December 10th, 2012 Update - MRI


Ok, finally visited the urologist to get my MRI results.  While not as great as I had been hoping, they are still positive IMHO.  You would never know that from what this doctor said.  He REALLY wants to cut me up or irradiate my body.  With my wife sitting right next to me (I know his tactic was to scare her silly) he started talking about bone scans and metastases and all sorts of dire future possibilities. All the while ignoring the FACT that my tumor has not progressed (as  a high Gleason Score he was truly surprised but never let on much).


Keeping in mind that he and other urologists I had seen had refused to even DO an MRI previously, we had no comparison scan from which to evaluate this one.  The previous biopsy and CT scan had guessed a lot of stuff and since the CT only shows possible spread it was pretty useless as a baseline for this current MRI.


The disappointing news was that there were two indications of two 'lesions' "which may represent a prostate carcinoma".  Note, nothing definitive.  The best thing I think is to do another sometime next year and see where we are.  At least we have a baseline to measure from.


It really ticks me off that these doctors refuse to do any analysis or evaluation and just want to rush you off (after scaring the bejabers out of you and your wife) to surgery and radiation when they KNOW that that does NOT WORK!


Well, I'm not going to spend much time worrying about it.  I am FEELING FANTASTIC and plan to stay on course.  I DO plan to re-institute more juicing and will begin again to take daily doses of my PolyMVA. 


To be honest, I have been a bit negligent, getting too busy with business and other distractions.  I am still at 200 lbs and want to focus more on weight loss.  Who said being Vegan was low calorie!


June, 3rd, 2013 Update


Well, we went on our Vegan Holistic Cruise in March and it was terrific.  We met scores of wonderful people and dined on marvelous food.


Now it is approaching summer.  I've had additional blood work as maintenance and 'Watchful Waiting' continues and my PSA dropped a bit.  Still just over 5.0 but pretty stable.  The rest of the analysis is fantastic and my GP (not that idiot urologist) is starting to be convinced that my Plant Based Nutritional approach may indeed be something he and his own wife should consider.  We haven't gotten them to a class yet but our hopes are high.  I think my testosterone levels caught his eye (he loves to run tests) as they are over 800 and for a 67 year old that is pretty amazing!


The next big adventure is a Western USA 'Road Trip'!  We plan to travel in late August and through September (avoid the crowds and high prices of Summer).  I have a web site set up and will begin posting progress, photos and maybe a video blog as we travel:


Who said having cancer will end your life; mine seems to be just beginning!  Stay tuned for more updates!


September 23, 2013 Update


Lots has been happening in our personal lives.  Nancy and I (both 67) just returned from a 43 day 'Plant Based Road Trip USA' of the Western USA.  What an experience.  We will be posting stuff about it here:  After 43 days traveling in our Smart Car (yes the 2-seater - see web site) we are still ready and rearing to go again!  Well not for 43 days as we decided that was a bit much; but as a 'survey' trip it was unbelievable.  We plan to re-visit many/most of the places we saw!


We hiked, yes hiked in Zion National Park, Grand Canyon and others.  Walked the Pacific Coast beaches in Oregon and visited Mount Rainier and Glacier National Park.  So many fantastic places.  Anyway, check the web site if you want to know more.


Back to the cancer stuff.  I got a check up and blood work.  Everything is "some of the best I've seen since I've been practicing medicine" to paraphrase my Doctor (General Practitioner).  Yep everything looks pretty awesome.  The PSA, well not great but not bad at 7.20.  I haven't been taking my Elagic Insurance Formula or Poly MVA on our trip so returning to that and ever more exercise may help bring it back down.  Time will tell.


In the meantime we are so stoked about hiking we can't wait to get out on the Trails of Central Florida.  We are now walking 4.5 miles most mornings at a fast clip; making it under an hour.  Pretty good for old farts!  We both feel fantastic and are planning shorter trips (two to three weeks) several times next year.  The rest of this year will be local trails and getting used to our even newer lifestyle.  We have walking sticks (from Santa Fe and Devils Tower) to help us along the way.  The Santa Fe sticks were well used in Zion and other parks.


Oh, for you other 'seniors' those National Park Passes are FANTASTIC.  Just need one for both of you if you travel together!  Great deal and we saved a bundle as we visited some 25+ parks that required admission.  For $10.00 it is the best deal you will ever get from Our corrupt Washington idiots! (that's another story!).


See the additional sections for our nutritional approach, recipes and a host of VERY informative alternative therapy information.


  January 31st 2014


Well we had a nice but hectic Holiday.  Some of the Grandkids were sick so we didn't do our usual festive Christmas Dinner at our house, went to our daughters and hauled all the loot there.  We still had a great time.


I went for my quarterly blood work and checkup on January 16th.  Late in December I noticed a lump under my left chin area so naturally I had it checked out.  The ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) doctor said it was the 'sub-mandibular gland' that produces saliva (didn't know there were so many saliva glands).  He called for a CT and did a biopsy which both appeared negative for cancer, YEA!  Once you are diagnosed with Cancer, everything seems problematic and you just have to be positive!  He wants to remove it as a precaution as indications are that it will only get larger.  It is outpatient surgery with minor risk (if they damage a nerve it could cause a bit of facial/lip paralysis or something but not major).  As with any surgery I don't want to do it, but it seems a prudent step.


Prior to any surgery my GP wanted to do a stress test/EKG as precaution.  I passed that with flying colors.  The blood work was an issue.  Unfortunately my PSA JUMPED to 10.13 from my previous.  That is a Significant increase and has caused me some concern.  The only thing we can think of is that while on our road trip, we ate a lot of processed foods, used a microwave a lot (which we hardly EVER do normally) and frankly, I ate a lot of sweets.  Still ALL VEGAN but junk food vegan is bad too!  Another thing was that after our Road Trip, we really seemed to stop our daily walking/exercise and seldom used our far infrared sauna.


During the Holidays, there were LOTS of (vegan) cakes, cookies and pies.  WAY too much sugar.  Coupled all this with some of the folks being sick as well as my spell with a nasty virus on the tail end of our Vegan Road Trip, created a perfect storm.  That being said, the rest of my blood work is Damn near Perfect/better for someone approaching 68.


Anyway, as a result, we are going on a more restrictive diet.  I gained a few pounds and never really lost as much as I had wanted prior to our trip and the Holidays.  We are going to restrict almost ALL sugars, Oils and fats to a minimum.  We will focus on a macrobiotic type of diet with lots of rice, beans and vegetables (not all that much different than normal for us).  We will do a water fast one day a week (from Thursday dinner until Friday dinner) and begin our daily 5-mile walks and use our far infrared sauna more frequently.


Another comment I want to make is to stress that the PSA test is NOT considered a really good indicator of cancer progression.  My jump in reading could be partially due to age, weight, lack of exercise, processed foods or a host of other things.  BUT, we are going ahead with the dietary modifications for several months and avoid all processed foods when possible.


Sometimes, when things go really well, like they have for the past (almost) 5 years with this prostate cancer fight, I think I got a bit arrogant.  I thought things were doing so well that I could indulge in my sweet tooth a bit more and ease off the restrictions on other things.  We really didn't eat as many greens and had stopped juicing and doing regular healthy smoothies.  Well we will return to what works and begin again!


I am STILL so luck/fortunate/blessed to be doing so well.  Sometimes one forgets to stay the course and it is too easy to be tempted to stray.  I never would consider consuming ANY animal products as a Nutritional Vegan but there are plenty of processed/unhealthy 'vegan' foods out there that really need to be avoided.  Even the good ones will be limited for a few months to see how things go.


Goals for 2014 are to bring down that damned PSA and to loose some 20 - 25 pounds that needed loosing anyway.  I am 5 ft. 10" and 205 lbs and really should be closer to 175; so that is the goal for 2014!


  March 15th 2014


Well, still going strong. I am approaching my 5 year anniversary date of my initial diagnosis in May.  If you recall, I was given just 5 years to live back then; irregardless of treatment or not!  IDIOTS!


We have adjusted our diet to reduce added oils to a minimum and boy is it working for our weight reduction.  We are both loosing about 2 pounds a week, just by eliminating the oil.  No oil in salad dressing or in cooking with very, very few exceptions.  We still exercise regularly as much as possible walking mostly.  We continue to hit the far infrared sauna periodically.  It is the OIL that seems to have been the culprit in our otherwise very healthy diet.


At the end of February, we spent 10 days in South Florida hiking.  Weather was glorious and we did a LOT of trails.  We are really into this hiking thing and often invite our 13 year old Granddaughter to join us.  We purchased proper shoes and backpacks with water reservoirs (separate) so we are ready and rearing to go and continue our adventures into Health & Wellness.


Close to my 5 year anniversary of my death sentence, I plan to be hiking in the Great Smokey and Blue Ridge Mountains!  So stick that all you medical oncologists!  You know it just REALLY pisses me off how I could have believed these idiots and done surgery and/or radiation 'therapy' and destroyed my life.  Looking back, it has been a marvelous adventure in knowledge and developing new exciting friendships all over the country.


If you are reading this and have cancer or know someone who does, please consider ALL the alternatives.  Don't listen to me, do your OWN research and make a very personal decision to LIVE and Prosper!


Well that is about it for right now.  I'll post again soon!


  April 5th 2014


Well, we are soon to be off on our next Road Trip Adventure.  This trip will be about just 2000 miles over 12 or so days and we will be hiking in the Great Smoky and the Blue Ridge mountains.  We will also drive down the Blue Ridge Parkway and the South Carolina coast.


Spring is here and the pool is warming up.  I've been able to start swimming again and getting some wonderful Florida sunshine and natural vitamin D!


One thing to add to my long list of things is that Nancy's blood work is improving just as much as mine from where she was. This is not just a ME thing but we are doing this together. 


I'll probably update blood work when we return from this trip and post when we get back.  In the meantime, follow or JOIN us on one of our Plant Based Road Trips across the Wondrous USA!


  June 1st, 2014


Back from our Plant Based Road Trip USA to the Great Smoky and The Blue Ridge Mountains.  What a GREAT trip we had.  We stayed in Gatlinburg for several days; not great for health & wellness but we had our own food!  We rented a condo with a full kitchen so we could prepare our own healthy meals.  Gatlinburg is horrendous for decent healthy food.  There is only one grocery store for goodness sake.


The Blue Ridge Parkway near Asheville and the parks in the area offer dozens of great hiking trails and opportunities to get out and see nature and it's wonders.  We had a wonderful time.


Asheville is great for healthy eating and has some great grocery stores with lots of great selection.  Great vegan dining is also available.


Now we are planning for our next adventure.  Not sure where but we are thinking of Colorado and Utah for the late summer.  I'll keep you posted.


Oh, feeling GREAT by the way.  Hard to remember I have/had  cancer!


  June 21st, 2014


I recently watched The Truth About Cancer documentary ( and it was a real 'eye opening' series.  Watch it!  In one of the videos (I think it was number 3 or 4) a woman talked about taking "Beta 1,3/ 1,6-D-Glucan".  I had never heard of it but looked it up and found it from NOW Pharmaceuticals and available on Amazon (NOW Foods Beta 1,3/ 1,6-D-Glucan, 90 Capsules,100mg) for just $7.49.  I ordered some a couple of weeks ago, as it purports to build your immune system.  Well, I think it is helping with energy levels and might even be helping me slim down (the plague of being married to a most excellent vegan chef!).  I have Nancy taking it too.


Living in Florida, we are often constrained by old fashioned ideas about a lot of things.  I think the government in Florida is not bad (not great either) and could be much worse (like Chicago!).  In any case, they are finally addressing the medical marijuana issue on the fall ballot.  I hope you ALL (well those in Florida) will vote to approve medical marijuana here in the state.  The actual bill is crap as it only provides for 5 farms and does NOT address the production of high CBD varieties. 


No trips planned yet for the summer as it is pretty darn hot most places.  If we go later this summer I think we will head to Colorado, Montana (Glacier National Park) and stay for a while and explore Utah. 


  July 11th, 2014


Well, got some really bad news about my Brother Bob.  He has been suffering from pancreatic cancer for a few months but finally succumbed on July 3, 2014 (  He will be missed and is the second to fall to cancer.  First my Dad, now my younger brother.


To answer the question, did he?  No he did NOT follow a Plant Based Lifestyle as I strongly encouraged him to do after we changed to plant based nutrition.  He was stubborn and like so many said that if it was so good for you, his doctor would recommend it.  This despite my obvious success with this lifestyle approach.  Sure prostate cancer is a punk compared to pancreatic cancer but darn it, maybe if he had listened five years ago he might not have even gotten sick.  But then again, it is in God's hands not mine.


We made the trip up to Walterboro South Carolina and stayed the night for the service the following day.  We left after the service for the 7 hour or so drive back to Orlando.  We had some time the morning of the service so went to 'downtown' Walterboro.  Driving though this nice little town, all we saw were fast food places.  There was a half-way decent grocery and we asked the clerk if there was a health food store in the area.  She sort of smiled and said no and that she didn't believe in 'that stuff'.  Oh boy!


Well, enough said about Bob.  I hope he is at peace with my Grandparents and our Father.


More to come!  Have a great summer everyone!!!


  August 01, 2014


Wow, this summer is flying by.  We are still dealing with my brother Bob's death but things are settling down again.  After all, LIFE does go on for the rest of us!


We are planning a Fall Road Trip to drive the Blue Ridge Parkway from Asheville, N.C. all the way up into Virginia. While we were there this past Spring when we hiked in the Great Smoky Mountains and over into Asheville. We did a lot of hiking around Asheville and loved it.  We drove about 100 miles of the Blue Ridge and it was glorious.  I have seen pictures of the Fall colors along this wondrous road and want to enjoy it's splendors.  We don't know exactly the date(s) yet but will get going as soon as the fall leaves start to change.  I have friends in the area and a house we rented in Asheville on our previous visit, so will let them advise the best time.  I hope this year is a good one for Fall Colors.


Health wise, doing just dandy fine.  Getting a lot of nice exercise walking a couple of miles most mornings, doing laps in the pool and lifting some weights to maintain upper body a bit.  Nothing too strenuous, I've never been an exercise aficionado but realize that you just have to do some to maintain muscle mass and tone.


I have been negligent in my regular visits to our local family doctor.  I was scheduled but events forced me to cancel an earlier appointment.  As a result, I don't have current PSA scores to share.  I plan to get in this month for a full blood panel.  Frankly, I feel great and the urgency now in my 5th year as a 'Holistic Survivor' has diminished.  I still have the nagging doubt if IT is still there but frankly I can LIVE with IT if IT is <smile>!


I'll post an update here near the time for our Fall trip.  I hope we can squeeze enough money out of the budget but I am hopefull.


  August 29, 2014


Well, I have our Fall Trip down Skyline Drive (Shenandoah National Park) and the Blue Ridge Mountains. I hope to get on the road toward the third week in October to maximize the Fall Colors.


The summer has been HOT and I've been in the pool a lot.  Getting a great tan and boosting my vitamin D and overall health.  I've managed to gain an extra 10 pounds; mostly due to Nancy's excellent cooking (lots of nice deserts) and frankly haven't been out exercising as much as I should.  Too bloody hot! 


Still haven't made that doctor's appointment for current blood work.  Hopefully sometime in September.  We are keeping very busy with trip planning and Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living cooking classes and counseling activities. I've been contacting Central Florida Health Executives in hopes that a few would be interested in actually HEALING instead of just treating disease.  Some positive responses but no results.  Too much conflict with the entrenched political agenda to actually consider Health & Wellness with FOOD!  So very SAD!


Anyway, I'm going to try to contact (I use LinkedIn - for a lot of my business contacts.  I'm a member of some 45 or so groups; most in the Holistic, Health & Wellness and Vegan Food arena's.  Find me and send a link request ([email protected]).


I hope all of you (if anyone actually reads this!) have been having a great summer.  If you are suffering from Cancer or other disease, I hope you will consider a Plant Based Lifestyle.  If you ever need help, guidance or just want to talk, please just give me a call!


  October 14th, 2014


Wow, the Summer went really fast this year. Is it because I'm gettin older (now 68) or just so darn busy?  Hard to tell but we are doing more than ever!


This week we will be off on another Road Hiking Trip.  This time to Virginia and North Carolina (mostly).  I have my new Garmin car GPS all loaded up with our trip data and my handheld Garmin GPS loaded with North Carolina and Virginia topographical maps; don't want to get lost like we did earlier in the Summer while hiking in the Great Smokey's.


We have been watching the Fall Color meters for Virginia and things are starting to change.  i hope we won't be too early but have to hope for the best!  Check our travel site for details on our trip, where we will be hiking and sightseeing.  We will post LOTS of pictures when we get back.


As far as the health thing, I'm feeling GREAT.  I hope the hiking over the next couple of weeks will help me loose a bit more weight, it did wonders on our Spring Hiking Adventure!  Nancy has made her vegan cheese, seitan ham/beef/chicken and some 'beef cutlets' for our trip.  We will carry most of our food as we don't expect a lot of vegan choices in the Mountains of Virginia and the Carolinas (more is the pity).  We do hope to catch some farmers markets as the fall celebrations are in full swing.


I'll try to post again upon our return!


November 5th, 2014


Well, we are back from a great two week trip up the East Coast and across Virginia and down through Shenandoah National Park (Skyline Drive) and on down the full Blue Ridge Parkway to Asheville.  On the way home, we stopped overnight in a lovely new place in St. Augustine Florida.


We did some caving as well as some great hiking.  We were fortunate and found several really great vegan dining options; this made some of the food/supplies we carried an overkill!  We always take too much stuff; even with our traveling in our Smart Car!


The weather was marvelous, except for one rainy day.  Other than that our timing was pretty much spot on for the fall colors.  They were breathtaking and pieces just do Nature's Beauty justice; but we try!


As to health, all the moving around I think I lost a few pounds.  The rock scrambling helps.  We hope to do some local hiking now that the weather is turning cooler here in Central Florida.  I've begun planning another major trip for Spring; after our #2 Grandson's graduation from High School.  He is off to college but doesn't know where yet.  I convinced him to at least apply to MIT; just to see if he would be accepted.  Who knows, maybe he will get a full scholarship!


Well, needless to say, I am feeling terrific.  We met another guy along the road who had been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and was doing what I did; nothing but changing his diet.  We offered information and support and will see if he responds.  He wasn't aware of many of the healthy vegan food choices so I hope he calls.


I planned to get in for some blood work later this month, guess it will have to be in December if I have time.  Haven't been all year; where does the time go?  I'll update you when I get the results.  Enjoying the cool weather and looking forward to the Holiday Season!


  November 29th, 2014


Well, we had a terrific Thanksgiving at our Daughter Nicole's home with her husband, Brad, and all the SEVEN grandkids.  It is so hard bo believe that this year is almost gone!


We don't have any special plans for the remainder of this year except to spend time with family and friends.  We hope to make it to Disney World again this year for our annual event and family picture.  The biggest issue is when our oldest Grandson, Jake, will be done with finals at UF and get home for Christmas.  We have been making this excursion almost ever year for the past 20+ years!


  December 26th, 2014


Well I hope you had a wonderful Christmas/Hanukkah this year.  We sure did.  Had all the grandkids (seven of them) over to open presents and have a nice family dinner (we did vegan of course!). 


I purchased a Standing Desk and separate treadmill and joined them as a unit. I now have a standing/walking desk and workstation arrangement that works terrific.  Because Nancy is such a great cook, when we aren't on a hiking adventure, I tend to put on a few pounds.  While I did loose a lot of weight a few years ago when commencing our Plant Based Lifestyle, I never got to that magic number of ideal weight.  Now I plan to get there in 2015! 

Walking on the treadmill and typing is a coordination challenge but with practice I'm finding it easier and easier!


I also purchased two (one for Nancy and one for me) Garmin Vivofit bands to track our walking/exercising/sleeping activities.  So far they seem to be working well but have to keep working with all the options to benefit to the max!


Now that the year is coming to a close, it is time to be thankful and look forward to a new, prosperous and HEALTHY new year in 2015.  See you next year~!


  January 6th 2015


Wow, it's 2015!  I am happy to still BE here!  Every day is a blessing and I hope and pray for many many more.  Yep, still here; alive and kicking.  Kicking up a storm on my new standing workstation and treadmill!  Boy it works great.  I walk over 2 miles just going through my email every morning; instead of sitting on my ass.  Getting easier to manage too.  This arrangement really helps with balance and coordination.  Yea, try walking, typing and using a mouse at 1.5 mph!  I actually bought a Mycestro, finger mouse, that takes getting used to but works great!



Thought you might like to see how it works.  Like I said, takes some hand/eye/feet/leg coordination I didn't have but getting better.  Anything that keeps you moving is good!  Found that the garmin Vivofit doesn't work if your hands are on the desktop so walking/mousing with the Mycestro seems to work pretty well.  If I type I miss getting credit for some of the steps but that just gives me more to do to meet my daily goal; set by the Garmin Vivofit!  TRY IT!


Anyway, as you might figure out, I'm doing great.  I did put a few pounds on over the Holidays as many often do.  I had been pretty lax in exercising leading into Thanksgiving.  At my age, it doesn't seem to take much to add some belly fat.  Of course, Nancy being a Gourmet Chef helps add some calories and her cakes, pies and cookies during the holidays don't help; but DAMN they taste GOOD.


So giving myself this walking workstation is helping out a LOT.  I'm dropping about two pounds each week (still some cookies left and don't want to waste them!), but hope to move that to 3 pounds/week until I get to my target of 180.  We are doing The Executive Heart Program later this year so I don't want to look bad!


Oh, we bought a new Kia Soul for our New Year's present. It's 'Alien Green' to match our little green Smart Car!  Since we have more big travel plans for 2015 (, we decided to up-size just a bit.  Actually, our lovely daughter Nicole and her family needed another car so we gave them our older SUV.  Yea, I know, just a good excuse to buy a new car, but well it works out well for everyone!


Our Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living cooking classes seem like they will be picking up in 2015.  Last year was pretty dismal as to the number of people who were interested in Health & Wellness.  We hope 2015 will be a good year and provide us (finally?) with some actual revenue!  Doing things for people is great but somehow we DO have to pay the bills!


I'll get to the doctor in a few weeks (after I get closer to my better weight) and get some blood work done.  I totally missed doing it in 2014.  It's hard to get time to go to a doctor when you feel so great!  But I know many are curious as I am to see how the heck things are doing.  I have been eating way too much sugar; even it is is organic and natural so that has to stop (right after the last of the holiday cookies are gone) so will help with the weight loss.


Anyway, this went longer than usual.  Good way to start the New Year.  I hope you all has wonderful Holidays and are looking forward to a Healthy and Active 2015!  Remember, if you have questions, just call!


  January 20th, 2015


I was just posting a new video on the huge potential for cannabis/CBD in curing, not only prostate cancer, but other forms of this horrendous disease. You won't find it on any medical site or on the lame-stream new media. The corruption in the Federal and many local governments has gotten so extreme that they are suppressing more and more the NATURAL and Holistic treatments by over-regulation and insane laws.


As the evidence mounts, fight in your local areas to make Cannabis/Marijuana LEGAL.


Anyway, as you might see, I'm feeling great and full of spit and vinegar! Got to fight the good fight and NOT keep quiet. They did that in Germany as some might recall? With the corruption and liberal infestation in Washington, WE THE PEOPLE have to stand up or give up.


Me, I prefer to Stand UP and be counted. I hope you do too!  Oh, another thing, just two years from today, we will have a New President.  Let us ALL pray he is a true American and not the disgusting tragedy that has been Obama!


  March 11, 2015


Wow, my apologies for not updating sooner.  Hope you didn't think I died or something!  Just the opposite, more alive than EVER.  I have been helping Nancy prepare for our big event in Nashville.  The Executive Heart Program is an event for executives (CEO, CFO, COO, CTO, etc.) who may be heading to an early death due to heart disease.  I'm sure I'll be able to get in a few words about prostate cancer as well (for attendees or their spouses).  The focus is on early detection and a nutritional approach to reversal of heart disease before a heart attack!  Yes NUTRITION is the key factor for prevention but there will be new breakthrough detection procedures used at the event. Every participant will undergo blood analysis as well as advanced detection analysis; should be fun!


Anyway, back to me!  Ego has it's day huh?  I'm doing great!  Still walking at my treadmill desk every morning for several miles.  So easy to do while reading email (I get a LOT of email from our various web sites).  Catching up on the latest news in healthcare, monitoring my LinkedIn account and more.


That being said, still here and busier than ever!  We will be making a short trip to Ft. Myers soon and then a trip to the hotel in Nashville to pre-plan the event, menu and interview the kitchen staff.  We will have to source all the food locally but Nancy will be bringing a large cooler with her home made Plant-Based CHEESE and we need to make sure there is enough cooler space to store all the fresh vegetables we will be serving. Yes, Chef Nancy will be the featured Chef for the event! Me?  I'm support staff!


I've made most of the reservations for our adventure to Utah and Colorado later this Spring/Summer.  We will be hiking all throughout the State at the many National Parks found there.  Then on to Colorado for a sightseeing strip and maybe a bit of hiking near Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods.  See our trip details here: Utah/Colorado.


Oh, I still haven't made it to the doctor for some blood work.  I might get there in a few weeks.  Just been too busy! Yea, I know, procrastination is not a great thing but please give me a break; it just isn't a priority when LIFE is so full and busy!


  April 18th, 2015


Well, it looks like that gig with the Executive Heart Program isn't going to happen.  It seems that the very mention of Plant-Based words turn many people off and our friend David Meinz has been forced to adopt a more 'traditional' if unhealthy fare provided by the hotel.  So Chef Nancy won't be doing the food preparation.  Bummer yes, but life does have it's up's and downs and this is nothing!  It actually inspired me to create our own version to offer groups and corporations.  Check this out:

Be sure to check out the sample menu to see that these folks will be missing!


Anyway, this eliminates our survey trip to Nashville I had scheduled for the end of April and will give us a few extra dollars to spend on an Anniversary Trip in the Fall.  Back in 2013, we had a Road Trip Adventure that took us 43 days and some 10,000 miles across the USA.  We stopped for a few days in a lovely Pacific Coast town, Cannon Beach and Nancy just fell in love with it.  Me too!  So, for our 30th wedding anniversary I am planning a West Coast trip via Glacier National Park in Montana so we can walk the beach near Cannon Beach on our Wedding Anniversary night!  FUN FUN.


As far as my health and activity, I'm still using my standing workstation and am up to close to 10,000 steps each day!  I'm feeling great and all is well.  No, I still haven't gotten to the doc's for some current blood work but hope to do so before our June Utah Hiking Trip


The next thing on our agenda is our #2 Grandson's High School Graduation party.  That will happen late May then we will be off.  Our Oldest Grandson, Jake, will be 'house sitting' for us.  Can't believe he will be 21 in December!  Wow, time sure flys when you are healing and having so much FUN.


Well, out to the pool to get some natural vitamin D.  I swim and do weights and then float on my nice raft for an hour or so soaking up the wonderful Florida Sunshine!  A nice natural tan makes you fell good and doesn't hurt the appearance either!


Until next time......


  May 23rd, 2015


This will be short and sweet.  Been busy finishing up the plans for our Spring Hiking trip to Utah and Colorado.  We will be heading out soon for about 30 days or so.  More than three weeks will be focused on Utah and all the marvelous National Parks there.


Did you know that Utah is trying to take control of the National Parks within the state?  Good for them, the corrupt Federal Government is destroying America and it's nice to see a State stand up for it's own Rights and that of it's citizens.


Anyway, looking forward to the trip and I'll post again when we return.  See our updated itinerary:


Oh, I'm up to some 10,000 steps every day now on my treadmill workstation!  Cool huh?  I've been swimming and floating on my raft in the pool getting that 'all over' tan I so love.  Great way to create your own Vitamin D!


Back in July!  Happy Trails!


  July 19th, 2015


Well, been a while and we are BACK home now in Orlando after an absolutely marvelous hiking adventure.  We covered a LOT of ground including most of Southern Utah and lots of Colorado.  I will be posting our trip diary in the near future as soon as I finish writing it!  It was a marvelous trip!


Now, after meeting friends in Hurricane Utah (Zion National Park) whom we had previously met near Mt. Ranier in 2012, we have been looking at small RV's for our next adventures.  More on this later, but we are excited about the prospects; many choices and lots of research yet to do!


Well I finally got to the doctor last week.  It had been Two Years; hard to believe since my last visit (sounds like a confessional?).  He checked me over and drew lots of blood; even ran an EKG.  All lookin fine so far.  I'll post my updated blood work results next week!


Well, just wanted to let you all know I am doing great.  I actually lost 8 pounds on our 32 day hiking excursion!


Until next time!


  July 28th, 2015


OK, have some pretty awesome news my friends.  Over the past 6 years my PSA has been climbing ever so slowly!  Last test in January of 2014 it had risen to 10.13 from a previous 7.1 in July of 2013.  Over 10 is not a good thing but I didn't let it worry me.  Sometimes you just have to trust your gut!


Well the new results are back and my PSA is DOWN to 7.76.  That my friends is a significant DROP.  Has anyone else experienced such a dramatic drop? Needless to say I am thrilled.  I've never really provided details of my blood work but they have usually, well always over the past 6 years, been awesome and my Doctor is dumbfounded!  My total cholesterol stays around 150 (HDL is 67), triglycerides at 59 (up a bit as they are usually below 50).  My CRP (C-reactive protein) is .41 which is also fantastic.  All the rest is equally amazing and I credit it ALL to our Lifestyle of Plant-Based Nutrition, exercise and quality of LIFE!


Well, like I said, I am thrilled at these results so I guess I'll be around a while longer if I don't fall off a mountain when we are hiking! <smile>!


  August, 25th, 2015


You know, time really does fly when you are having fun and staying busy!  It has been a very rainy summer for Central Florida but still great to be living here!  I've been enjoying our pool and doing regular walking in addition to my treadmill workstation.  Not as much as I should but working on it.


On the sunny days, I love to swim and just float and absorb the sun's vital rays.  Never more than an hour or so so keep the tan, don't burn and generate loads of vitamin D.  Meditating on healing myself with a focus on cell regeneration, overall health and wellness is easier when you feel the warmth of the sun on your body (I do swim naked). 


Our #2 Grandson started at the University of Central Florida (UCF) and moved into his dorm room this past Friday.  Boy they grow up fast.  Our #1 Grandson will graduate from University of Florida in the Spring after just 3 years and has plans for Law School.  WOW!


I've been working on some new business opportunities and setting up new web sites.  One is with a company that supplies my Ellagic Insurance Formula (for years now) that is coming out with a line of Pure Essential Oils.  I also am focusing more on Natural Longevity with Whole Foods and not focusing so much on Cancer and Disease.


I have begun to work with other sites to expand the information flow of how Whole Foods Plant Based Lifestyle can combat and prevent cancer.  Aly's Alliance is one.  There are others that I believe provide a fair representation of cancer information.


As for me, I continue to feel great.  Life is wonderful and I have my lovely wife by my side. 


  September 12th, 2015


Well, Nancy and I just returned from about a week of beach and sand time on Siesta Key, near Sarasota Florida.  While it rained quite a bit, the evenings and much of the days were lovely.  Sunsets spectacular!  It was our 30th Wedding Anniversary!


Needless to say, we had a marvelous time.  Evening walks on the white sandy beaches, sitting watching the sunsets, just a grand old time.  We managed to ferret out a few vegan restaurants and had lunch with one of Chef Nancy's friends.  We talked to some folks about Whole Food Plant Based nutrition and how it helped save my life!


Recently, I lost my long time client for whom I did remote EDI support.  That is really going to hurt the budget, but it may be for the best.  While the extra money was critical, it may boost me into finding other sources of income that is more in line with our current Lifestyle and Focus: Health & Wellness.  I think I may just hang up my IT Technical Practice and focus entirely in the Health & Wellness sector.


We have had some issues, mostly technical, with our family's computer systems.  My #3 grandson's laptop croaked and while I spent a full day trying to revive it, I lost that battle.  My main laptop is acting up and I think it is something that I can't fix myself. So both are going into a local shop for evaluation Monday.  Oh boy, we cannot really afford this now!


I am looking to monetize some of our activities.  For the past 6 years, we have mostly donated our time, services and counseling and not tried to make any money.  Now, with our current situation, that has changed. If anyone out there has some ideas on how to monetize our many sites and services, please give me a call!


Frankly, I'm not sure if anyone even reads this.  It is and has been cathartic for me to write about this and it boosts my spirits just hoping that it may be of help to someone else.  Drop me a note if you actually read this; I could use the support! <smile>!  Send to [email protected] if you have a moment!


  October 23rd, 2015


So no one has bothered to drop me an email so this might be my last update to my diary for a while.  I may try to do an update just to let you folks (if anyone reads this) that I'm still alive and kicking.  In the meantime, I'm very much alive, kicking and enjoying my life.  I hope you do as well.


  December 8th, 2015


Well, we had a marvelous Thanksgiving with the whole family.  Jake and Aaron were home from college.  Jake will graduate in June and go on to Law School at the University of Florida. 


I finally am pretty much done with my IT practice and now focus almost exclusively on Health & Wellness.  My way of paying it forward!  I lost my long time retainer client and that has put a big dent in our income.  Times are tight for everyone.  Without another source of income, our travel adventures will have to be curtailed and that really hurts.  We love the open road and will miss our travel adventures.  Maybe something will happen to put a spark in folks to WANT to get healthier; just don't know.


In any case, I am doing GREAT and look forward to a great Christmas with our family.  Hoping the New Year brings prosperity to us and all of you.

  December 27th, 2015


Well, another year is almost done!  We had a lovely Christmas with our family, all the kids were home and we hope they will always make it home for Christmas with the Family!


Lots of food and too many deserts.  Have to get back on our exercise program now. It has been unseasonably hot here in Florida.  Don't like to have to run the A/C this time of year but you gotta do it.


We are having the exterior of our home refurbished.  They didn't quite make it before Christmas but should wrap it up early next week.  Replaced the upper story wood siding with stucco and repainted a nice gold/tan color.  Looks great and should last us another 15 years or more.  Nice to own your own home and not have to worry too much.  Just have to figure out how to pay the property taxes.  Not having that extra income has really hurt.  The kids were great about not receiving quite as many presents this year but it really bothered me.  I'm renewing my search efforts for some Consulting/Counseling work. If you want a personal or small business web site with personal email, check out: MSC Web Services!


We might actually be going out for New Year's Eve.  First time in a very long time.  A client invited us over; not if we will stay until the end but we will give it a shot.  Luckily he lives pretty close!


Stay Healthy and Vital!  Happy New Year 2016!


  January 10th, 2016


Well, we made it safely into the New Year. Hope you and yours did also!


They say Karma is hell. I've long bragged about not being sick (well except for the cancer) in over 6 years, since we changed to a strictly Plant Based Lifestyle. Well, 2016 set us straight and we both came down with a mild cold/cough. I couldn't believe, we were actually SICK!


Still and all, not a bad average over more than a six year span! We went out to a New Year's Eve party; something we hardly ever, ever do. Maybe that was the culprit? No booze there, and mostly vegan food so that's not it. Maybe we caught something from one of the folks at the party; we will never know.


In any case, massive doses of vitamin C (sodium ascorbate) and cleanses with a few trips to the infrared sauna seems to have done the trick and we are on the mend.


Money is very tight since I lost my job in IT. That is going to dramatically impede our travels for the coming year. The main thing is that we are healthy and well. We will continue to promote Health & Wellness programs and remain hopeful we can monetize these efforts.


  February 24th, 2016


Florida has been chilly but no freeze.  Good news for our backyard plants and organic vertical garden of greens. Not much news really.  We have been watching some Cable shows on 'Tiny Houses'.  This has inspired Nancy and I to start going through drawers and cabinets.  Boy, what a bunch of junk we have acquired!  Just today, we put out 10 huge trash bags of crap.


Looking into under counter cabinets, vanities, closets it is really amazing how many 'things' you find that you have NO Idea what they are, used for or why you ever kept it. Then there are the PAPERS.  We found receipts that were over 15 years old for goodness sake.  Nothing for major items, just stuff.  I shredded the ones with account numbers or our names.  That in itself is a major chore.  Last year, I burned up two shredders when I got rid of old tax files that I found stored in the garage.  Anyway, it is a jump on Spring Cleaning I guess.


We are pretty strapped for cash these days after I lost my part time job.  As a result, we are pretty much 'grounded' from our travels.  We are exploring ways to monetize, just a bit, of what we try to do.  Until people actually get motivated to get healthy, stop the cancer, heart disease, diabetes 2, etc. I don't see it happening.


We have our oldest Grandson graduating from University of Florida in Spring; on to UF Law School for that one.  #3 Grandson will be graduating from High School and plans to go the Computer Tech route at a local university that focuses on Computers, gaming etc.  Gonna be a busy Spring!


Oh yea, I'm still healthy and well and happy!  Yep, I feel so great I don't even think about cancer much unless someone asks or wants information.  Still living a wonderful Plant Based Lifestyle, we try to help those who want help.  Unfortunately, most do not.  Tragic really.  So many sick people just don't seem to want to get healthy!  Go figure!


  March 22, 2016


Wow, I'm 70 years old as of the First Day of Spring, March 20th 2016.  I can hardly believe, 70, but I don't feel old.  I feel GREAT, energetic and ready for our next hiking adventure!  I wrote a short essay on this, you can find it in our Article Files


We continue to promote our Cooking Classes and our Plant Based Lifestyle; although few take advantage of what we are trying to offer.  Are people just too busy to take care of their lives, family and friends?  We have been trying to figure this out for years now.  On this site and others, I offer FREE counseling (I do have a degree in Phycology) or just someone to talk to.  I know how traumatic it can be when you are diagnosed with cancer and you would think, folks would want a 'kindred spirit' to talk to.  Not so much it seems.


Still, while we are broke, we want to strive to help others, make a difference and Help Make America Healthy again.  As I say in my article on '70 on Our Way to 100', we have so much energy and just want to DO stuff all the time.


I haven't made an appointment for updated blood work.  I really do plan to do that soon.  Even though we have insurance, we never meet the deductible so it always costs $100+ to get stuff done.  Crazy, not being sick costs more than being sick, on medications and crap.  That won't deter us, we WANT to be Healthy, Energetic and Vibrant for many DECADES to come!  Join us if you dare!


  May 4th 2016


Lots has been going on.  A few weeks ago, the water line to our dishwasher broke and flooded the kitchen and adjacent hallway, dining/living room and the kitchen.  We had laminate flooring throughout so it ALL has to be replaced!  I mean what a mess.  Then I had to fight with the insurance company.  They sent out a 'water remediation team' right away; a good thing. Then they sent the 'adjuster' along with a project manager from the same company that did the water cleanup.  The project manager's estimate was significantly bigger than the adjuster but the 'desk adjuster' agreed to pay the higher amount IF we used the same company to do ALL the work!  Collusion much?


Anyway, when I challenged the insurance company 'desk adjuster' of collusion, all of a sudden we got a check paid to US for the full/larger amount. It may actually cover our expense and we have a flooring company coming tomorrow (2016.05.05) to put down a new floor.  Nancy has been busy packing up the house as we have to empty all the china cabinets and such; and we have a LOT of stuff.  So far, she has packed up over 40 medium sized moving boxes which I moved out to a 16 foot POD in our driveway.  The flooring people said they could shift stuff around to accommodate the new floor!


So now some good news.  Our oldest grandson Jacob Peek graduated from University of Florida this past weekend with honors and more.  He has been accepted into the UF Law School to continue his education.  We are so proud of him:

In addition to all this excitement, Nancy and I have continued to do our 2-mile morning walk almost every day. We have added a daily 35 minute session in our far infrared sauna to expedite some weight loss.  So far I've lost about 20 pounds as has Nancy and we want to drop another 20.  We feel great but think we should drop those extra pounds we have had for years.  Detoxing as we go as that old fat stores a lot of built up toxins.  Daily vegetable/fruit smoothies augment this as well as our normal Plant Based Lifestyle.


Oh, I almost forgot.  Nancy and I are now Shaklee Distributors.  We have long been Shaklee customers and both of us (separately) used to be distributors; but that was over 30 years ago.  We decided to become distributors for a couple of reasons. One is to save money on product purchases and the second is that Shaklee fits nicely into our holistic health & wellness approach.  I hope you will consider becoming a customer or even a partner with us in our Shaklee venture! Our Shaklee 4 Healthy Living site will also link to our Shaklee product home page!


  June 25th 2016


Where does the time go?  Well our house if finally back together once again.  If it wasn't one thing, it was another.  The new floor is in and just a day or so later, BAM, there went the entire house air conditioner.  It was 15 years old so I shouldn't complain but darn, we are so broke it hurts.  Luckily, we have a great young man who owns the local AC company and he was willing to work with us.  We now have an upgraded AC unit (not a heat pump - who needs heat in Florida!) that does have an 'emergency' heating unit in the Air Handler.  Anyway, that went in pretty smoothly so we are now cool as cucumbers!


Our #3 Grandson, Daniel, graduated from Highschool on May 28th.  We had the graduation party at our house, NO AC but people understood and the kids stayed in the pool!  Luckily it wasn't that hot or humid!  Dan will be off to Florida Polytechnical University to study cyber security and other IT tech items. So far he is the only one who has expressed an interest in Old Poppa's career!


Since the floor was done under budget and we (well Nancy actually did most of the work) did the packing/unpacking to move stuff around, we had a few dollars to re-do the kitchen counter tops.  It was part of the cabinet repair in any case but we added a nice new stainless steel sink, new garbage disposal and they replaced the guts of some cabinets and all the 'toe kicks'.



So we are sort of 'back to normal' with a nice new floor, new sink and counter tops. Nancy is happy and that's what counts.


We are now totally broke and just scraping by. I sure wish someone would be interested in healthier living and taking a cooking class or lifestyle counseling session.  Even a trip planning client would be great!  It is driving both of us nuts, not being able to have at least one road trip this year.  Heck, not sure when we will ever be able to afford another!


Oh well, the great news is that we continue to be healthy, energetic and doing stuff all the time.  We continue our walks and sauna when possible; almost every day.  No more graduations or birthdays for a while; with 7 grandkids, that's saying something!


Oh, I almost forgot, I started a new thing I'm calling NewTimers 4 Life!  When you reach a certain age, you might be called 'Old Timer'.  Well, we are living longer and healthier lives and it's time we are called by a better name.  How about NewTimer.  A New Timer is someone who has reached 'retirement age', whatever that means, and has decided NOT to just stop living but maybe just change careers, go on adventures, or just Pay It Forward.  Heck, there is NO reason why you can't do it ALL!


Also, man lots to talk about this time, there is a new book out by Dr. Michael Greger.  You MUST Read this book, "How Not to Die".  I've posted information on it here:


  July 21st, 2016


Got some good news.  We have a few Plant Based Cooking Classes scheduled for August.  That will really help! We still don't understand why this is So difficult.  We don't want to get rich by any means, just supplement our meager income a bit while Helping others save their own LIFE.  You would think folks would be lining up around the block to understand how/why we are so darned healthy & energetic, on NO medication at 70 years old.  But few to no takers.


Oh well, onward and upward!  Nancy and I have decided to make some rules and have decided on weekly (Wednesday) trips to the beach.  It's crazy we haven't done as much as we could.  Melbourne Florida is about 60 minutes away, an easy drive on great highway (toll) roads!  So that is what we are committed to DO. So far so good, two weeks and two trips!


We bought an umbrella and chairs (on sale!) and has most of whatever else we needed.  Our 'spot' is so nice, almost deserted but has very clean restrooms, outdoor shower (to rinse off the sand and salt) and great covered picnic areas.  What's not to love!



Oh yea, I always forget.... Feeling GREAT, doing great and building a great tan!


  September 4th, 2016


Well, again, it's been a while since I posted.  Busy, busy always!  You can't stay this busy and Not Feel GREAT! So the short version is I'm doing great, feeling terrific and enjoying my family and my LIFE!


Chef Nancy, my lovely wife, will be doing a series of cooking classes for a Healthier Thanksgiving in September & October.  The October classes will be held at our friend's Yoga Studio in Kissimmee Florida.  See this link = Thanksgiving Class.  The other class will be open only to the Osceola County Sheriff's Department; a really 'loaded audience'.  Guess we better get it right so they don't shoot us!


So, maybe, just maybe we will get some attention and be able to get some private classes going. Be nice to get a little money coming in.  We missed any Road Trip this year; just no money!  It's killing us both to have to stay home and not Hit The Road!


I posted a notice on the Front Page of this site about the upcoming FREE Health Conference, Real Truth About Health, here in Orlando.  I will be there for most of the 10-day Conference; not all day every day, but for the most part.  Call me if you want to meet up and have a coffee or have any questions!  I'll try to hand out some business cards there as well.  Ordered some new ones but might not be here in time.


Anyway, this week is our 31st Wedding anniversary so we will try to get to the beach for a while.  Not sure if we will go out to dinner, but we heard about a place over near Melbourne that might be decent for an early dinner if you don't have to dress up; after all, we will be coming from the beach!


Anyway, that's about it.  The Grandkids are all back in school.  Things should be pretty quiet until Thanksgiving.  If you are near Orlando, join us in Kissimmee for that class, be great to meet you!


  September 13th, 2016


Just a quick update.  We have also started working with the Osceola Country Sheriff Department.  We are currently doing a Healthy Thanksgiving Series of cooking classes and will do a Tuscan Christmas one following that.  So far, they seem to like what we do and have us scheduled for every Monday.  Have we finally broken through?  Hard to tell but lets hope this continues.  We sure can use some extra money; this gets expensive maintaining these web sites and doin mostly free or at cost presentations like we have been doing for the past 7 years.  Be nice to get some Road Trip Money again; we are itchin to hit the road again!


  October 25th, 2016


I mean, just where does the time go?  Seems like I just updated this a short time ago.  Well, we have been pretty damn busy!  We just completed our first series: "A Healthier Thanksgiving" for the Osceola County Sheriff's Department.  What a thrill to be able to introduce these folks to a healthier lifestyle!  We had so much fun and hope we made an impact.  We KNOW the food we served certainly was well received!


We are planning to continue with a Thanksgiving Football Weekend Session:

before going on to our Tuscan Christmas Series.  OUr normal 4 to 5 hour class is broken up into segments for the Sheriff's Department so we cover sections over a several week period.  We are also doing a similar Thanksgivine series at New World Wellness yoga studio in Kissimmee and just had our first meeting this past Sunday.  Busy, busy we are!


I also got a call from an old acquaintenance from one of our Holistic Holiday at Sea Cruises from 2012 I think it was.  He is suffering from Lyme's disease and his PSA recently jumped more than 2 points; not a good indicator. He gave me a call out of the blue after all these years; I really think he wanted to see if I was still ALIVE and kicking!  Glad to inform him I was and healthier than ever!!


We have Halloween coming up and the Hunters Creek Garage Sale.  If you are in/near Hunters Creek Saturday, November 5th from 8 am - 3 pm drop on by!


  November 25th 2016


I can't believe Thanksgiving 2016 is already over.  We had a GREAT time with family and friends!


Also, something Wonderful (IMHO), Donald Trump is now our President Elect.  I hope he wiill really #DrainTheSwamp as he says he will and so far his picks for his Administration look pretty strong.  He has stanted that he is supportive of Medical Marijuana; which passed with an overwhelming majority in Florida.  We ARE making progress on that front as well.


Things really seem to be looking up.  Now if we can generate a bit of business with our Seminars and Classes in 2017, we may indeed be able to do another Road Trip!  YEAAA.


If you would like to help us out, we don't ask for money but if you like clean and green products and want to gain/regain your health, Our Shaklee Partners would be a great addition to your home cleaning and health supplies. Shaklee offers a free Health Print; an online evaluation of your health and suggestions on products to improve it.


I'll try to get back for aonther update before Christmas, but if I don't manage the time, I hope you have a very


  January 7th 2017


WOW, where did 2016 go?


Well, here we are in 2017.  SO much has happened.  We will have a new President in a few days!  Donald Trump, can you believe it?  So much has happened and WILL Continue to happen. Let us all pray for the better!


Anyway, we made it through another Christmas with the whole family. All 7 Grandkids made it home. Can't believe that our oldest, Jake is in Law School!  The next two, Aaron and Daniel are doing well in College as well. Our Princes, Rachel will be a Senior next year. BOY they grow up FAST! (if you are wondering, yes, I set up web sites for all the kids when they turn 12 with a cell phone!)


Anyway, things are looking up for 2017.  We are continuing to do our seminars on a fairly regular basis with the Osceola Sheriff Department and at the New World Wellness Yoga Studio in Kissimmee.  Trying to make enough money for a Road Trip.  We didn't get to make one in 2016.  I'm looking for part time work and actually have been doing some with RGIS, the inventory people.  The hours suck and the pay is worse but it's better than nothing. I have an interview with Home Depot next week so will see where that goes.


It is a bit frustrating that will all our web sites and free information we provide, we can't get any paying clients. It's not cheap to support all these sites and it takes TIME that we don't get paid for to do it.  Not that I'm really upset, just frustrated that we struggle to pay our expenses, taxes and living expense every month.  If I couldn't do all the tech support, server and web site work, you would never see this site or our others!


Anyway, we hope to do better in 2017.  Nancy doesn't like me working weird hours with RGIS, thinking it's a strain on my body and fears the cancer resurfacing.  But, I still have energy to spare and we continue to be active as hell.  Nancy spends a lot of time on her new Facebook area, Restoring America's Health, and I have a new FB area focused on Cancer, called My Cancer Fight.  Of course Nancy still spends a lot of time on her Pinterest boards to keep them up to date and adding new recipes and features all the time!


So you see, we keep pretty busy. Oh, the Prostate Cancer?  As I told a new friend recently, I just don't think about it too much.  I focus on helping others get healthier with a change in Lifestyle and let the cancer, if it still is there, lie dormant.  I continue to take my Ellagic Acid supplements, Vitamins and continue to eat a handful of bitter apricot kernels every day.  Does it help?  Frankly I don't know but, sure can't hurt!


After meeting with my new friend, who has cancer, I realize that in a two hour coffee meeting, I delivered a LOT of information and probably overwhelmed he and his lovely wife.  I often forget that I've been fully immersed and dedicated to the fight against cancer (all forms) for close to 8 years.  Both Nancy and I have learned SO much, I've written so many articles and talked to so many people, it can be really overwhelming for many.  I guess I should put up a more specific link to our Lifestyle pages on the front page and will do so in a bit.


Well, this is a longer update than usual, I see.  Never hurts to let you all know that I’m still doing GREAT as is my lovely Chef Nancy.  We look forward to an exciting New Year in 2017 and pray for health and wellness for all.


  February 2nd, 2017


Well, so far 2017 has been pretty darn busy.  We continue our seminars with the Osceola Country Sheriff as well as those at New World Wellness (Downtown Kissimmee).  We don't make much money but do manage to cover expenses.


The BIG news today is that we FINALLY published Nancy's first nutrition book called: "Restoring America's Health ~ Simple Steps to a Plant-Based Lifestyle" on Amazon. We have the Kindle version avalable on Amazon and are distributing to other electronic publishing houses in both ePub and MOBI versions.  The MOBI version is compatible with all Kindle devices.  I'll post links to those sites as soon as they are available.


I am still working on getting the PaperBack version out.  Actually is a lot more work and requires separate registrations; who knew?  Learning a LOT. I think I'm going to publish a 'collected works' of my essays in the near future.  Why not? Self Publishing is SO easy.  If you DO purchase Nancy's book, PLEASE write a kind review on Amazon!  It really DOES help tremdously.


Wow, what next.  Not sure really. Nancy's sister, Gloria, will be visiting for a week this month so that will keep Nancy busy.  I really need to work to clean and 'pare down' the stuff in our garage.  Spring garage sale coming up.


As far as health, so far so good.  Oh, I did meet with a doctor, for business, yesterday.  I hope to work with him and his patients to help move them towards a more plant based lifestyle.  Doc is NOT yet vegan as he had chicken wings with lunch yesterday.   He REALLY does need to practice what I hope to help him preach.


Got to run.  When you do all your own advertising and such, it takes a LOT of time on Social Media so look for my posts everywhere!


  March 4th, 2017


Well, my Chef Nancy's book is NOW available in Paperback as well as several eBook formats!  We set up a new publishing subsideary for future books and might offer services to others.  This self-publishing learning curve was steep but we made it.  You can now purchase "Restoring America's Health" on both CreateSpace and Amazon.



We may be partnering with a local physician to offer dietary services, meal planning and general Plant Based Lifestyle consulting.  Stay tuned!


  March 20th, 2017


Well, TODAY is my 71st birthday.  Yep, STILL alive and kicking and continue to be healthier than ever before.  I feel GREAT and BLESSED to still be here typing to you.  I try to not get cocky and over-confident about the state of my health.  BUT Damn, I'm still here, working and playing with my beautiful wife/partnet Chef Nancy. (yea see above for info on her book!).


No special plans today.  It is a beautiful day in sunny Florida and we were out for are usual 2-mile walk; weights by the pool and a session in our Far Infrared Sauna.  We also, thanks to our Humana Advantabe Medicare plan, got a free membership to 'Silver Sneakers' so joined a local gym that is very close to the house.  As of today, we have only met with a 'personal trainer' for an 'evaluation' but doubt if we will use her ($100/hour is a bit pricey when we seemed to know MORE about health & nutrition than she did!).  Anyway, the price is right and we may visit tomorrow to try out some machines.


Nancy has been working diligently on a detailed Powerpoint Slide presentaion we 'test drove' yesterday at a local Nursing Home with one of their residents.  Went well but a bit long.  Have to do some trimming and break it down into several presentations.


We have been busy promoting Nancy's book.  I plan to get back to work on the first 'sequel' focused on Graduates and kids striking out on their own for the first time. It's more of an actual cookbook with simple recipes and instructions on what to buy, how to use the tools and select healthier fare; but still DELICIOUS.  Now sure of a title or what cover image we will go with yet.  At lease we now understand the process of 'self publishing' MUCH better and the next books will be a LOT easier.


We have begun a new Health Service, called Your Pathway to Health, that is focused on PREVENTION (something the medical industry mostly ignores), disease reversal and weight loss.  No miracles to be found just some structured approaches, a few suppliments and mostly hand holding to help people Gain/Regain their health.  We are following the same guidelines that most other 'experts' recommend but with the added benefit of actually teaching you HOW to prepare plant based meals that are Delicious.


To compliment our meal planning and cooking class instruction, we are offering a new compliment of suppliments from Nutrisail 


All #organic, #vegan, #plantbased that includes B-Complex ~ Immune System Boost ~ ProBiotics & Enzymes & Minerals


B|PRO is Daily complete spectrum of non-gmo, plant-based (vegan) probiotics and non-gmo plant-based digestive enzymes that supports food digestion, nutrient absorption and a stronger immune system.



Powered by a highly bioavailable, complete B-vitamin complex. B-Lite is a synergistic blend of vitamins, minerals and organic botanicals that BOOST metabolism, stimulate fat burning thermogenesis and curbs unhealthy cravings. B-Lite helps fuel your body with existential nutrients so you can enjoy your day with more focus and energy!


BSAFE ~ Immune Boost Daily Cleanse. Contains antioxidants, bioflavonoids, phytonutrients and minerals.


No minumum purchase, no autoship, just really great plant based Organic, Non-GMO Plant Based suppliments.


Onward and Upward.


  May 6th 2017


Wow, can't believe I missed the month of April.  Oh well, busy busy as they say.  Sometimes it is just difficult to remember to post and update.  While I never say I'm 'cured' I also forget that I do have/had cancer.  We met with some doctors a week ago to hand out free copies of Nancy's Book, Restoring America's Health, hoping to spark some interest.  One asked how I was doing and was I cured?  Well, I told him I really don't dwell on it or really think about it much.  I still do take precautions and continue with my Ellagic Insurance Formula every day to keep the immune system boosted.  I also still eat a handful of bitter apricot kernels most days to keep up the B17.  I have added the Nutrisail suite as well; but mostly to help loose some weight as well as keep the immune system boosted.


I guess the biggest news over the past month is that Nancy and I have begun a daily aerobic work out for about an hour every morning.  We tune into YouTube and 3 mile walk videos with Leslie Sansone.  They are really great workouts to get the heart pumping and we hope to drop a few pounds along the way.


I have also set up some formal training/support/coaching programs we hope to market.  For all these years we have been doing our work, pretty much, for free.  We manage to sometimes cover expenses but that is about it.  Now money is getting tighter so I thought I'd try a few programs; there are a lot of sick people who can afford to pay for a program and those we want to market to.  For anyone who needs our help but cannot afford it, no worries!  We ARE here to help!


The programs are featured on a new web site: Plant Based Healthstyle and has cross-over from my standard Plant Based Lifestyle; just a few differences in focus.


Lifestyle Programs


Our Lifestyle Training Programs are available at three levels of service: the Healthy Nutritional Weight Loss and our Disease Prevention  and Disease Reversal level.  Fortunately, most folks are not seriously ill so our Healthstyle Services are perfect.  But if you are seriously ill, suffering from cancer, heart disease, diabetes two or other serious ailments, we have a more intense program that may be a better fit.


Disease is EXPENSIVE.  With the Healthcare Debate, the major component NEVER discussed was PREVENTION; not to mention reversal.  Trillion$ of our tax dollars could be saved by simply NOT GETTING SICK.  The best, most economical, way to prevent disease is to simply and DELICIOUSLY adopt a Plant Based Lifestyle, full of delicious meals and Plant Based Cuisine. Simple, cheap and delicious!


Because we just Love Road Tripping, we also added a Lifestyle Extreme program.  We will actually travel to YOU and get your jump started with a lifestyle program.  We will come to your home, prepare meals, teach you some basics and get your organized and on the right path.  Then most of the programs continue on with coaching (phone, skype or email) for about 45 days.  It's a win-win for us and our clients!


So if you know of someone, or even yourself, who can utilize our services,  Please Please let us know.


  June 12 2017


It's been a busy, busy month for us.  We catered and presented at a Healthy Life Summit the weekend of June 3rd.  We had agreed, for a friend, to cater lunch and dinner with gourmet plant based cuisine.  The hotel, Hampton Inn, near the Orlando International Airport was a nice hotel but only had a rudimentary kitchen.  Really just several refrigerators, freezers and a commercial oven with lots of wash/cleaning sinks.  Not much counter space.


We, well Chef Nancy, had to prepare a lot of the items at home and find room in our kitchen refrigerator(s).  Luckily, we have two full size and two half size refrigerators. Yea, that's a lot but one of the small ones was a 'spare' usually kept in the garage.  I know we are unusual, maybe weird but we do purchase a huge variety of foodstuff and to keep them fresh, we need the space.


It was a tremendous amount of work as we are not a catering company and we would be feeding 28 people.  Since the hotel didn't even have flatware, just plastic stuff, we purchased commercial flatware and a lot of support containers to store and transport the food so it would stay fresh.  Then we had to carry our induction cooktops because the resturant didn't have a stove or cooking surface(s).  That's a lot of toting and fetching and we barely got it in the car (Kia Soul).  Then we had to cart it in, serve, clean up and remove it and carry it all back to the house; to be repeated on Saturday.


To top things off, the darn air conditioner was out in the back office area, the kitchen and cleaning area.  It was HOT and we had to do all the work on that first day in 120 degree heat; sweat much!?


Saturday morning Chef Nancy gave a diynamite presentation with a power point slide show she worked for weeks preparing, practicing and fine tuning; just for this 30 minute presentation.  It was TERRIFIC and she was applauded and praised; as well she should have been!


We made it through.  We kept time sheets for only Chef Nancy, all my work was, well slave labor I guess but I get compensated with love and affection so I win!  We kept and presented detailed records of every purchase, hour worked and preparations made.  So we sent the invoice and the asshole running the show refused to pay.  Chef Nancy recorded 67.5 hours at the previous agreed $100/hour.  We received a $1000 advance to cover food expenses, but that was exceeded by a bit.  The total billable amount was $7013.12 but because he was a 'friend, we dicsounted that by $3000 and didn't charge him for several copies of Nancy's book, "Restoring America's Health".  So, after all that hard work, gourmet plant based meals that were terrific and loved by everyone that asshole is only paying us a measly $2469.82. That will be a booked loss of $4543.30 that we really can't afford.  That comes to about $0.30 cents on the dollar.  NEVER AGAIN.


The asshole even contacted his laywer before stiffing us.  He knows we don't have the money to fight him; even though we have supporting documentation, not to mention 25+ witnesses to the work we did.  Sometimes you just can't trust anyone; Mulder was right!  Because he was someone who I thought was a friend, I didn't have a contract or letter agreement; my bad.  So we are eating all this as a loss but will NEVER have further contact with this ass or his Healthy Life Summit in Orlando again.


  July 23rd, 2017


Where, and I mean WHERE does the time go.  It's been over a month since my last post. Sorry folks (if anyone actually reads this?).  As usual, we have been BUSY, BUSY.  Not to let one negative experience daunt us, we persevere and proceed and adapt.  Chef Nancy has been working diligently to refine and expand her slide presentation.  We will be speaking to Good Samaritan Village, Florida, in August. We will also be doing a Preview Tour of our Wellness Tour 2018 in September on the Florida West Coast near Siesta Key and the Bradenton/Sarasota/Tampa area.  Call us if you want a presentation, personal health intervention or just a nice visit.


Planning our Wellness Tour 2018 is fun.  Not all work, but a lot of National Parks we have yet to visit!  We really LOVE Road Tripping but haven't been able to afford one in a while.  Unfortunately, my dear mother, Bernice K. Stein passed away on March 26th 2017, less than a week after her 95th birthday!  RIP Mom.  Leave it to Mom to tuck away some money for us kids.  Amazingly she left us a few dollars that we can really use for home repairs and will partially pay for our trip.  THANKS MOM!  She had long suffered from a variety of diseases but arterial sclerosis and totally clogged arteries finally took their toll.  Nancy and I tried, for years to get her to change her diet and exercise a bit, just walking, but she stubbornly refused; even after seeing my brother Bob die of pancreatic cancer (he didn’t listen either) but also seeing my continued health after prostate cancer.  Sometimes there is just nothing to be done to convince people to change.


Other than this, we had some trees trimmed, but got ripped off. We had a new drain pipe installed to replace the line from our pool area to the front of the house.  We get a LOT of rain; that works like a champ!  Both Nancy and I continue to struggle to lose those last 20 pounds.  Not sure if it is an age-related thing too much good food or what.  We are trying to eliminate ALL added oils and focus more on a John McDougal style ‘Starch Diet to see if that helps.  We stopped our regular exercise because we were seeing a chiropractor for a series of ‘adjustments’.  We have been lax for a long time now but it seems to help.


What else?  Not sure really, we both feel great and are working on the final additions to our next book; as yet untitled but focused on young people and their dietary challenges in a college dorm or their first apartment.  Let you know soon.


  August 15th, 2017


Well things are rocking along.  We have been pretty busy.  Nancy and I decided to put up a YouTube Channel and record our daily (well most days) meal preparations. Not sure how long or how many we will do but so far we have about 15 or so.  All are quick and easy Plant Based recipes made from pretty 'normal' Whole Foods.  Nothing exotic or strange, just plant whole delicious FOOD.  People just don't understand the Power of FOOD.


Anyway, click on the link I'll insert below to check out our channel. I hope to get enough viewers to properly 'name' the channel.  Google and YouTube have some requirements I have yet to determine.  Anyway, with eacy one, Chef Nancy is getting better and we are having fun posting them and the people on our closed FaceGroup, Restoring America's Health, love them.  Please join us by simply requesting admission and mention this site!


We will be visiting Siesta Key again for our 31st wedding anniversary again this year.  Couldn't afford it last year but managed to hord away enough to pay for our same little condo on the Inter-Coastal and across the street from the Gulf of Mexico.  Looking forward to it!



  September 5th, 2017


Well, looks like our trip to Siesta Key will have to be postponed.  Hurricane Irma has other plans for Florida it seems.  Luckily, the lovely lady we rent from (AirBnB) was gracious enough to let us postpone our trip to later this year.  We will ride out another Florida hurricane this year it seems.  Been here for over 25 years so have been through our share.  Just praying it is nothing like Harry that hit Southern Texas and Houston.  I consider Houston my 'home town' as I went to college there (University of Houston) and lived and began my professional career there.  Lots of friends still in Houston; pray for them and their long road to recovery.


I have been working with a man in Kentucky that has been diagnosed with deadly pancreatic cancer; stage IV. My brother Bob died of that a few years ago.  Bob never listened to me; even though I had been doing our Plant Based Lifestyle approach for several years.  You just cannot force someone to do anything; especially change their lifestyle.  You just have to WANT to LIVE enough to do just about anything!  Worked for me; Bob, not so much.


This poor man in Kentucky is undergoing chemo-therapy.  He is suffering so with this toxic approach and the doctors have told him he has NO CHANCE of survival, just prolonging his misery.  We have been working diligently with him and he has been working towards a Plant Based approach with our 'extreme juicing' and other recommendations with our Disease Reversal Program.  He still is not 'all in' and that continues to be a problem.  The chemo has damaged his sense of taste and that doesn't help.  He has had some good test results but now seems too lethargic and tired to eat.  I've been kicking his butt (via email) to eat and continue to consume his juice and eat plenty of vegetables.  His PH level was actually 7.5 earlier but I fear he has turned acidic with his failure to eat and his continued chemo treatments.  We are doing our best but HE has to do the rest.


There just is no magic bullet or cure to cancer or any Lifestyle Disease (heart disease, diabetes, obesity, etc.). Just like anything of value you have to WORK FOR IT.  The good/GREAT news is that it gets easier and easier the longer you remain with a Plant Based Lifestyle and soon it becomes so natural (just a few months) you will wonder why it took you so long to enjoy this energy and vitality.


So that’s the update so far.  We are waiting to see what direction hurricane Irma will take before it finally hits land.  Hopefully it will not do major damage, move swiftly out of the area and peter out.

  October 6th, 2017

It time moving faster or what? 


Well, September 10-11 was a fun time, in the middle of hurricane Irma.  So much damage but we were blessed with only some pool screen damage and no flooding!  Scarry times but we have been in it before.  Fortunately, several years ago we did a remodel and replaced all the doors & windows with double-pane, wind resistent ones.  Then this year, we replaced the upper wood siding with stucco.  We were buttoned up tight!


My friend in Kentucky continues on his journey to recover from pancreatic cancer.  He is really haveing a tough time with all the poison they are pumping into him.  Not being able to taste anything has done horrible damage to his ability to eat enough.  He says he is dringking as much juice as he can but still loosing weight.  Stopping the treatments seems to not be an option but he has 3 to go.  I pray he survives long enough so we can begin to rebuild him and his immune system.


On August 24th we gave a three hour seminar on Plant Based Lifestyle at Good Samaritan Village.  Had a nice turnout and Chef Nancy's PowerPoint slides were a huge hit. Unfortunately Good Samaritan suffered a lot of damage and flooding.  We pray for their speedy recovery.


This week Nancy and I have/are attending the Truth About Cancer Convention here in Orlando; just down the street actually about 4 miles.  It was interesting but devoid of true Plant Based Lifestyle discussion. Unfortunately they seem to have embraced the Keto diet which is both dangerous and ineffective.  I guess you always have to follow the money trail.  I gave a review here:


I did meet Chris Wark, of Chris Beat Cancer, fame.  He has a marvelous program called Square One and I hightly recommend it.  We purchased it for use as reference material. 

You will note Chris is very tall!

Soon after we took this picture, I did a 15 minute 'testomonial' about my experience with prostate cancer. They did tell me that they would send a link when it was up on YouTube.  I hope I didn't make a fool out of myself but we shall see.


So, we also attended a fantastic presentation by Dr. Ben Rall at his Achieve Wellness Clinic, not far from us actually.  To say he is a dynamic/energetic speaker is to put it mildly.  WOW, he is really good!  He has a great chiropractic clinic near The Loop in South Orlando.  I have appointment for an 'adjustment' on Monday!  We will also talk about how we can work together.  Ben offered his clinic space for Chef Nancy to give presentations and we hope to work with him on his future events!


Next week, we will be working with the Osceola County Sheriff's Department at their annual Wellness Fair.  We did it last year.  It was only one day in 2016 but this year two days: October 12 - 13.  Should be fun to see some old friends.  Since the new Sheriff took over, they have not had us back for our cooking demo series; but we hope to change that!


So we have been really, REALLY busy.  We hope to make that trip we had to postpone last month to Siesta Key for Nancy's birthday November 7th.  We are still planning a 'Wellness Tour' for 2018 but I keep changing the route.  We are thinking of April-May 2018 as that is a great time for Southern USA but not so much for  Northern California & Oregon.  We may change routes, push the dates or change everything but we WILL be taking a Road Trip!


One last thing.  Chef Nancy's book, "Restoring America's Health" got a great review by Naked Food Magazine in the Fall issue.  Check it out!




  November 1st, 2017


Can you believe it is November already?  WOW, maybe getting older really does speed up the clock!  Well at least we are healthy and figure are just 'middle age' so have a while to go before we, well, GO.


Just finished up handing out Halloween candy and veg/chips last night.  Lots of kids and almost every one said a heartfelt Thank You!  Wonderful to hear some children have decent manners when you see all the crap on TV.  Nancy had decorated or 'tree' with orange lights and Halloween ornaments but will now take that down and redo it all for Thanksgiving/Fall.  She is truly amazing!


We found out yesterday that our Anniversary/Birthday trip to Siesta Key is now canceled for good.  The host was doing a remodel in the bathroom and ran into issues that will make the condo unavailable for some time. We finally just asked for a full refund and I think it is in process.  We will just add it to our travel money for our April trip to Texas, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico.  Yes we are going to 'Hit the Road' again in April 2018.  See our Wellness Tour 2018 map and cities we plan to visit; give me a shout if you are along the way and we can have coffee.  Already have a new friend going to meet us at the Alamo in San Antonio for coffee!


This weekend is the semi-annual Hunters Creek Garage Sale.  It is a big deal around here and our daughter, Nicole, usually brings a bunch of stuff to sell and the kids (those not in college) along to help and run around.  Always a fun day, but often exhausting too.  Hopefully the weather will continue to be Excellent!  Drop by if you are in/near Hunters Creek South of Orlando, Florida!


That Osceola County Sheriff Wellness Fair was pretty much a bust.  We had a terrific booth with computer monitor slide shows added to our display.  Fewer vendors than last year and the turnout was disappointing.  It was pretty funny to see how many deputies and support staff recognized US and our message and managed to give us a wide berth.  So many just refused to even stop by as the guilt on their faces was so apparent.  They KNEW they were eating crap and continues against what we taught them last year so managed to avoid us altogether.  Funny if it wasn't so sad to see these big hulking well-armed law enforcement officers afraid of a few posters and displays of Whole Food.  Oh well, can't force them; they carry Glocks!


Anyway, we probably won't go next year.  Too bad because these folks could REALLY use some help with their diet and nutrition.


So next, after this weekend's garage sale, we will be looking forward to Thanksgiving with the family.  As, in recent years, our daughter Nicole will host the event and we will bring our 'own food', it is now considered 'Normal' for us to eat differently.  Nicole does prepare basic vegetables without dairy/butter so we can have some.  We bring pies that everyone loves just don't use animal products to make them!


That's about it for now.  Talk to you later.......


  November 20, 2017


Well, this may be my last post, but I'll try to make another before Christmas.  It has been a long and mostly successful fight to beat my cancer and help so many others to fight cancer, heart disease and more.  But financially we just cannot afford to do this any longer.  This site and our others all cost a lot to maintain and we struggle to just pay our bills every month.  After eight (8) years, we are calling it quits and backing away from our work to promote Health & Wellness. 


We have offered a number of web sites, Pinterest Boards, FaceBook Groups & Pages as well as articles about Health & Wellness and longevity.  While we do this as a way to 'Pay it Forward' for all our blessings, we subsist mainly on our monthly Social Security.  This makes paying for all the web sites, software and services we require to create, maintain and monitor all these sites/pages very difficult.


We have tried to create services that people might want to pay for, but in eight (8) years we don’t even make expenses; we just cannot afford to maintain our efforts at this level. We, like everyone else, need to pay the bills, pay our property taxes and buy food!


We tried asking for some modest contributions to enable us to continue our efforts, but that didn’t work either.  As a result, we will be taking down our FB Pages, many of our web sites effective December 31, 2017. It saddens us to have to do this but, at this point, we have little choice.


If for some reason we can somehow get a few donations and folks would buy Chef Nancy’s book, “Restoring America’s Health” we may be able to maintain a few of our sites and some FB groups.  It’s up to you!

I'll try to wrap things up before Christmas if we don't get a miracle.  I've so enjoyed sharing my journey and plan to continue it a LONG LONG time into the future.  I hope you who have read/follow this diary have gained some insight into how I survived and surmounted so many lifestyle challenges.  Nancy and I will focus more on each other, enjoying life and future adventures.  I had hoped to bring you along but, well, it seems that is just not possible.  So Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!


  January 24th, 2018

Well, I guess it’s a belated Happy New Year.  We had a wonderful Christmas with all the family.  Presents were a bit sparser than we would have liked but still, it’s all about family.


The money front is the same.  I have had to suspend or redirect several of our information sites to save money.  I have also had to discontinue our cancer and health support sites.  I really hated to do it but we have to survive.  It is a shame that so few/none are willing to support our efforts.  We don’t ask for much and we DO so much daily.  We continue to write and post recipes and articles but have had to curtail our efforts.


As for health, we are doing well.  Actually, Nancy and I did get a ‘touch’ of something that expressed itself in a hacking cough and some bronchial congestion.  Clear mucus so was just a persistent virus.  I guess it was Karma because I tend to brag that we never get sick. Can’t do that anymore; not it is just we ‘rarely’ get sick but when we do it passes quickly!


That’s pretty much it for now.  I just wanted to post to let you folks know (if anyone ever reads this) that I am alive and well.Well,

  March 17th,  2018


What happened to February?  Well it is a short month but gone already and half-way into March?  WOW.  Besides my 72nd birthday is next week!  I plan to celebrate at the gun range; been ages since I visited.  Time to fire off a few hundred rounds!


I just found out that my brother-in-law was diagnosed with prostate cancer after a biopsy showed it was active. Hell, his PSA was STILL below 4 but since it had ‘jumped’ they talked him into the biopsy.  He and my sister were visiting for an unrelated wedding here in Orlando so stopped by. She indicated to my lovely wife that he would be having surgery and they wanted to remove the prostate AND a bunch of lymph nodes!  I really can’t say anything but frankly, between you and me, that diagnosis is bullshit. 


We gave them Forks Over Knives and Eating, we had extra copies.  I hope they watch and LEARN as well as a list of other videos we suggested they both watch BEFORE making any rash/sudden/pressured decisions.


On a more positive note, Nancy and I are getting the house driveway and pool deck re-painted to spruce up the place. Also having some of the damaged pool screen replaced.  We need to get things fixed up for our Granddaughter’s High School Graduation party in May.  We love hosting the Grandkids graduation parties!


Fixing and polishing things up will also put us in a better position to sell this place; after 28 years!  We found a really NICE condo/townhouse we love and hope to see constructed later this year.  To prepare, we are sorting through ‘stuff’ and selling a LOT with on-line garage sales in the area.  Pretty great way to do it and you get a LOT more than any regular ‘garage sale’!


We are prepping for our Wellness Tour in April.  See If you see us coming to an area near you; drop me a note.  Love to meet you and have Chef Nancy autograph your copy of her book: “Restoring America’s Health”.


Well, I’m out of time. Besides I don’t really believe anyone really reads this stuff, but it’s here for posterity I guess.  If you DO read this and find it interesting/informative, I’d sure appreciate a note!


  April 27th, 2018


Well, we are back... from our wondrous Wellness Tour of some of the great Southwest.  From Big Bend National Park in Texas to Sedona Arizona and Moab Utah, we have a magnificant adventure and hiking trip.  Wow, just WOW.  The weather in April was almost perfect; actually it WAS perfect.  We hiked in the deserts and mountains.  I jumped the Rio Grande into Mexico and back.  We experienced the vorticies of Sedona and Upheaval Dome in Canyonlands National Park and so much more.


Just this week, our Grandaughter, Rachel, graduated from High School and will be off to college in the fall.  We had a lovely party yesterday and had a great time.


Some big news: We are selling the home we have had for about 27 years and moving out to the Countryland of Central Florida.  Fresh air and farmer's markets to explore and experience.  The new home is amazing (well it will be as soon as it is built!); fully automated with all the latest tech and the layout is something Nancy just fell in love with.  Actually about the same size as our current place but a single level.  Fully maintained we will have no worries when we want to 'lock & leave' for another trip.  The selling costs will kill us but it should be worth it to get a totally new place we won't have to worry about for another 20 years!  I predict a LOT of road tripping in our future.


We stopped in at several places to try to garner some interest in stores stocking Restoring America's Health, but not any takers; at least so far.  We do have plans, crafted during some of the more tedious road travel (Interstate 40 is about the worst highway for traffic in the USA), for several new books in our new series as sequals to Chef Nancy's first aformentioned book.  Hopefully a couple will hit the web later this year.  We have some time to kill while we wait for our house to sell and the new one to be built. 


We are still hoping for some donations but have none so far.  I keep scrapping together enough money to maintain the web sites but wish to hell anyone who actually reads this would help us out.  Maybe this is the reason for my sparse posting; motivation is low when we get no thanks or appreciation.  Go figure.  I might get back to this sometime but not really sure.  If I hear from a few folks I might get some motivation........


  August 25th, 2018


Just a quick update.  Still haven't had any 'help' with our work; yet we try our best to continue. So dissapointing, all the information and attempt to help folks live long healthy lives, even a 'thank you' would be nice.  I may be forced to take this site down, but will merge it into our sub-domains under  This is expensive to maintain and with no help, sort of discouraging.  I have already taken down all my FB groups and left FB for a variety of reasons.  It was too politically 'left', corrupt and promoted censorship.  Plus it took a lot of my time; and my time is precious.  I need to focus on worthwhile activities to benefit my family and myself; so far all this has produced little or nothing.


Oh, BTW, still living, still strong and still healthy!


Happy Trails…….. Until Next Time


  September 30th, 2018


Well, been a while and things are jumping.  We finally sold our house in Orlando; after three tries; the third time was the charm.  We are now basically 'homeless' until our new home in WInter Haven FL is completed; sometime late October.  Nancy and I thought about spending the time in Sedona but decided to go to St. Augustine FL instead.  Closer, so we can run down and inspect progress on the new place. So far so good.


The weaher in St. Augustine has been HOT but prospects for some 'Fall' weather are on the horizon.  We haven't let that deter us, we are out walking/exploring every day (well most days).  We plan to visit all the churches, and there are a bunch here, over the next few weeks.  Some are REALLY old and beautifully maintained.  Lots of quaint museums around as well to explore. 


Food, as usually, has been a challenge.  Eating out for a Plant-Based (vegan) couple can be challenging but we ahve found numerous places that provide delicious plant based fare and options.


So, intil late October we will be here in historic Lincolnville in our little efficiency apartment.  It's so nice to be able to relax and really have NOTHING pending on the calendar.  I am trying to encourage Chef Nancy to complete our latest book before we move into our new place in Winter Haven.  THAT will be FUN, daunting but fun.


We still continue to plod on with little or no assistance from anyone but ONE SINGLE doner who has been faithfully contributing $10 each month.  She is a lovely lady but alone in her support for our efforts to "Restore America's Health".


  December 10th, 2018


Well, been a while.  We spent a lovely time in St. Augustine; I encourage you to visit if you have never been and to re-visit if you have.  SO much wonderful history.  We were there for 5 weeks and never even got to the beaches! Yes, walked the city every day and found new sites/adventures to see/do.  Wonderful time!


Then came the MOVE.  Oh boy, I do not recommend it but what are you going to do.  It's now about 3 weeks since we moved into our brand new home in Winter Haven Florida (very close to Lake Wales as well) and we are almost unpacked.  Still lots of stuff in the garage to put away but overhead racks should be installed next week.  That will help.


We have decided to try and promote a Longevity Zone in our new sub-division.  Visit  We hope to get this active community to focus on Health, Wellness and Longevity with Whole Plant Foods.  Huge task ahead but it should be fun; we hope!


Chef Nancy did get our Christmas tree(s) up and a few decorations out but no where near her 'normal' excquisite efforts.  Next year.


Nancy and I wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!


  December 26th, 2018


Well, another great Christmas with the family!  Unfortunately, our #3 Grandson, Dan, was sick with a very bad cold (they are in no way close to Plant Based) he didn't make it.  We try to not point out that Nancy and I have hardly been at all 'sick' in almost 10 years with our Plant Based Lifestyle, but I would think they would have noticed by now?  Maybe not, we have come up against some pretty stubborn folks and our lovely daughter is no exception.


Just THINK, next year, 2019 will be my TENTH year of survival with prostate cancer.  Remember, if you read the previous posts that that all those idiot oncologists said I would be LONG DEAD by now.  Go figure.  You just cannot trust these money-grubbing (often criminal), so called ‘doctors’ these days.  Wave a $100 bill in front of them and they will do almost anything.

We are finally mostly unpacked but have a lot of ‘re-organizing’ to do in our new Winter Haven home.  Lovely area, close to Lake Wales and other terrific communities.  We hope to get better acquainted with our neighbors in our community and in the area.  In 2019 we plan to be active advocates for Health, Wellness and Longevity here and elsewhere. 


No budget for travel in 2019 (unless we get a counseling request or some donations) so we will be sticking around.  Too bad, we are already getting the urge to get into the mountains and do some hiking.  I really want to return to Sedona Arizona; just a magical place and the ‘vortex energy’ is so stimulating.


I hope you have had a great 2018 and will begin the journey into 2019 seeking Health, Wellness and Longevity.


  January 4th, 2019


How I spend New Year’s Eve 2019 and the beginning of 2019.

Well, the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019 was not a good time for me and my dear wife.  I celebrated early on New Year’s Eve with a dramatic seizure and bit the HELL out of my poor tongue.  Scared the hell out of Nancy as she called 911 and had to deal with me flopping around and being totally out of it for a while until the paramedics came.


Now, those of you who may know me or about me, KNOW I am pretty damned healthy for a 72-year-old male so THIS was totally unexpected.  Now some background where I am admitting my total stupidity as I truly believe I brought this on myself.


I have an associate on LinkedIn who was going to be introducing a brand-new prostate health (as well as female health) supplement.  Supposedly all ‘natural’ consisting mostly of Lycorin from the Crila Cirum Latfolium L and sold as ‘crila for prostate health’. I could find little information on this plant but trusted my ‘friend’ who was introducing the product to the USA in 2019. (already on Amazon).


The ‘loading dose’ was 6 capsules twice a day, which I began.  The second day, while outside taking to a neighbor about New Year’s Eve, I felt just a little dizzy a few times but the ‘side effects’ did mention slight dizziness; I decided to cut back the dosage.  I went back home to lay down for a nap before the big party and the Next thing I remember is being in the emergency room, having difficulty speaking and being really confused.  My tongue Really Hurt as I had damn near bit it in half so speaking was painful; eating impossible (still is difficult).


We had just moved to the area so the ambulance took me to the closest hospital, Winter Heaven and I will be forever thankful for that selection.  Those people are SAINTS at the Winter Haven Hospital (part of the BayCare Health System).  I ended up being their guest for the next two days and underwent an extensive battery of blood and other tests (MRI, ECHO, CT, EKG etc.).  All turned up clean as a whistle so they couldn’t pinpoint ANY cause but the crap I had taken the two days previously.


Today, I am still recovering from all the ‘anti-seizure’ meds they pumped into me, blood thinners and other stuff.  I really MUST rave about the care, attention and treatment I received from these Angels at Winter Haven Hospital.  I really haven’t had much experience (and hope to never again) with hospitals except for my parents and friends who have suffered from disease/death but if this were anywhere else, under different circumstances I would swear I was on a luxury cruise ship from the care and treatment I received as well as the courtesies extended to my wife.


So, a final warning to all my friends. Do NOT take supplement that are foreign without TOTAL validation and checking them out.  I will NEVER do so again and hope I am able to fully recover from this noxious product.   So, my friends, I would NOT recommend taking any supplements from Crila Health shipped from Nampa, Idaho (sourced from Vietnam).  Since my medical team was not able to pinpoint the cause of my seizure, I cannot prove causality but this stuff is the ONLY thing different I had consumed up to that point; otherwise on NO Medications and living a strictly Plant Based Lifestyle!


  February 12th, 2019


Well, dear friends I am still here, ALIVE and Kicking.  Boy that was a nasty time and one hell of a horrible way to kick off a new year.  But all is well, even though my tongue is still a bit sensitive.


Nancy and I are pretty well settled in our new Winter Haven home and adjusting to our new diggs and making lots of new friends.  New neighbors moving in today as we speak (I probably should offer to help and may in a bit).  We are in a very active sub-division in Polk Country; sort of in the country between Winter Haven and Lake Wales Florida.  Fresh air and atmosphere!  Wonderful sunsets we can see on our large really nice screened in patio.  We have a big yard but all that is maintained for us (YEA), making us free to Road Trip when we can afford it (might be a while!).


Just yesterday we took our first 'Texas 2-Step' dance lessons given by a neighbor couple who are semi-pro dancers.  We have a terrific club house with full theater and dance facilities.  We haven't done as much as ther is to do by a long shot.  We plan to get to it soon.  I definitely want to try the heated pool and spa as well as the wet sauna.


This past Saturday evening we went to a 'Patsy Cline' show in Frostproof Florida that was terrific.  There are these type of activities all around us, almost constantly.  People are SO friendly and we hope to garner more interest (got some already) in our Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle.  We seem to be the ONLY ones here!!  When we talk to folks and tell them we are Plant Based (vegan) we have been supprised at how many say that their kids or relatives are vegetarian/vegan.  They are a bit curious and we hope to leverage that along with our active participation in a lot of things.


I wanted to post something to let you know that ALL IS WELL!


  March 27th, 2019


Well, the year is moving along fast.  Spring is finally here in Central Florida, the orange blossoms fill the air with their sweet scent and orange blossom honey is everywhere.  The weather has been on the cool side for Florida but pleasant.  Nancy and I have been getting out to 'health fairs' to get the word out that we are here to help people overcome diabetes two, excessive weight, heart disease and more. 


We even ran into celebrity Cindy Williams (Lavern & Shirley) who was happy to receive a signed copy of Chef Nancy's Book: "Restoring America's Health".

So we are staying active and meeting new friends in the area.  We also visited and joined the Bok Tower Gardens which is a contemplative garden, and bird sanctuary located north of Lake WalesFloridaUnited States. It consists of a 250-acre (100 ha) garden, the 205-foot (62 m) tall Singing Tower with its carillon bells, Pine Ridge Trail, Pinewood Estate, and a visitor center. The tower is built upon Iron Mountain, one of the highest points of peninsular Florida, estimated to be 295 feet (90 m) above sea level. It is a National Historic Landmark that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, nationally significant for its association with Edward W. Bok and its designers.


Next up is our oldest Grandson's Graduation from University of Florida Law School in Gainesville Florida.  A prestigious and great law school, Jake has already secured a position at a Law Firm in Jacksonville Florida.  Close enough to visit and we can stay in St. Augustine; one of our favorite places!



If for some reason we can somehow get a few donations and folks would buy Chef Nancy’s book, “Restoring America’s Health” we may be able to maintain a few of our sites and FB group.  It’s up to you!


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